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The Eternity Cure - Julie Kagawa Of course, Julie Kagawa never fails to disappoint. Did I even doubt for a second?! No freaking way. The Eternity Cure was darker, creepier, and more devastating that I could have ever imagined thus far. Oh, how I’ve have missed Allie! I thought she was even more tough and badass as ever than she was in The Immortal Rules. She was so ready to rescue and fight for Kanin, I couldn’t help but cheer her on. This time around she had much more control over herself, learning her lessons from before. Even though she has more handle over herself, Allie still struggles with her humanity, always one foot on wanting to preserve it and the other foot on giving in to her vampire instincts. What I’ve always liked about Allie is that she’s somehow found a balance even in the struggle. She doesn’t kill just to kill and like Kanin said, she had chosen what kind of monster she wanted to be. I really loved Allie so much more in this book because her determination and devotion to Kanin and Zeke were always present and always the driving force to her fighting will. I just love the strength Allie has built and the compassion she still has for just about everyone. I have to admit that I loved Jackal so much! Having him more prominent in this second book made the dark and ominous parts of this book amusing and entertaining. Jackal was just so witty and sarcastic, I couldn’t get enough of him. Evil has he may seem, I think Jackal had some redeeming qualities in him (microscopic as they might be) and his dark humor was just the perfect touch to really soften my heart toward him. The romance didn’t take off until I got deeper in the book, but it was just lovely. Having Allie and Zeke back together, fighting along side one another was amazing. I loved these two together, because they just click. I loved their connection then and I love it even more now.I’m glad that I got more insight on many aspects of this world I wanted more of in first book. In The Eternity Cure, Allie journeys through more underground tunnels, abandoned labs, and even into the Inner City of her old home in New Covington. I especially loved re-meeting some old characters, previously mentioned in the first book. I have to say that this book was slower in pace, but had more depth plot and character wise. I felt more rooted into the story and more connected with the characters, even the bad ones. Kagawa is nothing short of brilliance, nonetheless.And the bomb that Kagawa set off in this book wasn’t just explosive or dangerous, it was freaking painful as hell. I was shocked and pissed and hurt and basically feeling every emotion that came close to going crazy. She sure didn’t hold back and I’m not sure whether I hate or love her for it!Overall, Kagawa has me itching for the next book! I need to find out what happened next as soon as possible!More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books