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Officer off Limits - Tessa Bailey Sweet heaven and hell, Tessa Bailey just never ceases to amaze and completely blow me away with every book she writes. Just when I think the last couldn’t get any better than this, she goes and creates Officer Off Limits that pushes the rest away and stands at the top. What I love most about Tessa’s writing is her ability to create characters that I always end up loving and caring for as if I knew them. I get so caught up in their story I lose myself in it each and every time and I love that. I get attached and I form a deep connection that I would never trade a single thing for. That’s how amazing Tessa is and I have already come to the realization that I will never get tired of reading her books.It is a total understatement to say that I adore Story! Though I scoff at her dislike her for seafood, I freaking want to hug her because she was from San Diego, she was a sweet kindergarten teacher who loved chocolate. The woman nearly drowned when she was younger and she thought it was an adventure! Clearly, Story was a girl after my own heart. Story had the best bold and wittiest comebacks ever. Story was all sassy and full of ‘give ‘em hell’ kind of attitude, I really could not love her enough. I was really cheering her on through the whole book because she totally found herself and her flare. She was brave for risking her life and her heart.
Daniel Daniel Daniel. He’s the best hero from the force Tessa has created thus far! Why? Because at first glance, at first impression, Daniel seemed like a playboy, a man who can never keep it in his pants and doesn’t do one woman relationships. Dive deeper and you’ll see a man who is slightly damaged, haunted from a messed up upbringing, but became someone who has made something of himself. He totally respected and looked up to Story’s dad and totally put a number on Story’s feelings. The man oozed smooth, charm and charisma; a true ladies man for sure. I didn’t know whether to roll my eyes at his pick up lines or swoon on the spot. I just knew he could walk the walk, talk the talk and deliver. I totally fell so fast, like crazy in love fast with Officer Off Limits. There was so much entertainment in this book, it was a seriously a fun ride! Not only was Story and Daniel hilarious, but the secondary characters, Brent and Matt, were laugh out loud funny. It should be a crime to be allowed to consume any beverage while in the presence of Brent. There was nothing more truer than the statement of laughing my head off while reading this book; that’s how great it was. When Daniel and Story were together, they just burned bright. Their steamy scenes were scorching and their encounters with one another were push and pull and always had me longing for more. And ultimately, this book had the best lines, ever:“I was done the second I saw you. Done."

"Oh Matt, I love it when you talk safety" 

"Dispatch, please alert medical personal that officer is whipped." 

"You like blueberry pancakes? I love blueberry pancakes!" 

"He’d been cast into permanent boner-oblivion for the rest of the night.”

“Who am I kidding? When I finally get inside of you, I’m going to fuck you until your voice is hoarse from screaming my name.”

“‘You know, I could have sworn you were going to pick the trail mix.’
‘Oh, yeah? Why is that?’
‘Because you’re both full of shit.’”

Overall Officer Off Limits had depth, humor, and excitement along with the sexiest romance ever.It’s the best of Tessa Bailey yet!More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books