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Lover Undercover - Samanthe Beck Damn, can Samanthe Beck write! In her second Brazen book, Lover Undercover, I am yet again impressed beyond unreasonable doubt at her ability to tell a well thought out, sensuous, and emotional story. Who would have thought a virgin yoga instructor could be so good as a stripper at first try?! A hot, sexy one at that! Kylie was just unbelievable, I may have developed a slight girl crush on her! She was a fast learner when it came to filling in for her sister’s job and she delivered. I loved the way Kylie was passionate about her job, loyal and caring to her sister, and the amount of her understanding was never ending. I thought her stepping in for her sister was admirable. The experience allowed Kylie to grow as a person because it made her open up more, awoken her sexually and also mentally and emotionally. She was scared of giving everything over to a man, but she found balance in the love she felt for Trevor and it was amazing. 

I don’t what it is about men and law enforcement that makes me drool, but ohmysweetheaven, Detective Trevor was just, *licks his shoulder* deeelicious! He was all about getting the bad guy, bringing in justice, and protecting Kylie, all the while being the charming, smooth talking, make me so damn weak in the knees man, in and out of the bedroom. It was criminal how hot he was, seriously. What I loved most about him, besides his sexiness of course, was his compassion and understanding. He never jumped to conclusions about Kylie and gave her the chance to explain herself. It’s one thing for sex scenes to be hot, but for make out scenes to be just as scorching is just straight up enlivening! And like I said, Beck can write them! I swear I was fanning myself and needing to cool down from the heat this book brought! It was more than well written. Love Undercover wasn’t just about the sex though, it was also about the mysterious murders, the line between love and loyalty, right and wrong, and lies versus the truth. All of this is in there and it adds so much more to the story, making it unique and a thrilling read. I absolutely loved trying to figure out who the killer was. I had a good hunch and was certain it was him, but Beck was dropping hints to make me doubt myself. Even though I predicted right, I had the best time along the way, especially learning everything when it all played out. 
I wasn’t just pleased by Lover Undercover, I was satiated! Samanthe Beck, please give me more! More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books