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Deeper We Fall - Chelsea M. Cameron I’m going to tell you straight up that Deeper We Fall by Chelsea M. Cameron was sensational! I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I started, but I assure you I was feeling all the feels while I read and after! Charlotte, better known as Lottie, talks too much and I loved that so hard! This girl was freaking funny and had me laughing out loud from her banter with her twin brother, Will and with her inner thoughts and reactions. The best thing about Lottie was her loyalty to her family, friends, and anyone she cared about. Her snarky attitude, the way she speaks her mind and tends to babble when she was uncomfortable was not only charming, but downright fiercely adorable. I was disappointed in Lottie being too quick to judge when it came to Zan, but I understood where her pain and hatred was coming from. I loved that even after all those years, she made an effort to be there for Lexie no matter how hard it was for her. And I really got a kick out of Lottie’s passion for books and how she would go on book buying binges when stressed out. I think the girl is after my own bookish heart! 
Imagine my surprise when I found that this book was spilt between Lottie and Zan’s points of view. I was more than thrilled to say the least. While I loved Lottie’s hilarious lines and her inability to shut her mouth, I craved the deep, dark and angst thoughts from Zan. He gave me huge mutant butterflies in my tummy and made me swoon all over the place when he announced that he loved reading, when he recited poetry, when he freaking ate Pop Tarts for breakfast and when he played the banjo and started singing. The guy was a walking, talking dream boat. My heart cracked and splintered from the all pain and guilt that he felt. He may have been more than six feet tall, known to have meaningless fucks and even did drugs back then, but I still wanted to wrap myself around him and make him all better because he was the sweetest thing to ever grace this earth. He really wanted Lottie to see he was a different person, but he never pushed and was patient all the time. I simultaneously loved and hated how Zan cleaned up after his brother’s messes and still cared despite everything Zack had done.I love dual POVs and Cameron hit the spot with Lottie and Zan! It couldn’t have been more perfectly well written. Being able to get into both of their heads just really added to overall experience of emotions I felt throughout reading book. Cameron really dived deep into Lottie and Zan’s characters and I was amazed at their tentative physical and emotional development. The anticipation of them being together was inevitable, but still had me holding my breathe waiting for it to happen. Cameron also does an outstanding job of making the secondary characters prominent in the book. They weren’t just in the background, they were memorable and I felt the bond and closeness they all with each other. I loved how though this book centered around Lottie and Zan coming together, it was also about family, friendship, forgiveness, and redemption and Cameron continued to impress me at her ability to weave in all this in a balanced and well profound manner. Though this book had its dark aspects, it is not without wit! I was flailing and grinning more times than I can count. And all the music and literary references was just that flawless touch that made this book the whole package. 
All in all, Deeper We Fall was like tasting chocolate for the first time; luscious at the first bite, addictive when finished.More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books