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Heart Waves - Danielle Sibarium Heart Waves by Danielle Sibarium was such an outstanding book I came to love so much. Right when I started I knew it would be one book I couldn’t possibly part with. It was so compelling until the very end.

Danielle Sibarium’s writing was familiar and refreshing all at once. Her previous book and Heart Waves are different in concept, but the simplistic writing I loved was still there. For me, Heart Waves was a lot more complex when it came to the plot. There was a lot of intrigue, mystery and secrets surrounding the characters that I wanted to uncover and find out. I loved how Danielle Sibarium added in a little flare of paranormal into this contemporary novel. She combined them both perfectly without either one overpowering the other in the story. Jenna’s ability was realistic and completely believable. It was something I could imagine easily. There is still a lot to learn about Jenna’s ability and I’m hoping to find out more in the next book.Jenna was a simple character with a spunky personality. She’s a very likable character and I had no problem connecting with her at all. She’s level headed and strong and she certainly takes no crap from anyone. I absolutely loved that about her. Sometimes I saw myself in Jenna when she was guarded and cautious. Her weariness of trusting other people also reminded me of myself and the way she carried herself. What I loved most about Jenna was how real she felt. She seemed like someone I could be friends with, someone I could count on the way she was with her best friend Grace. What made Jenna real for me was her flaws. Like everyone, Jenna has fears, doubts and apprehensions especially towards Reece. At times I did get frustrated with Jenna with her constant worry, but I understood why she felt that way and still, I loved her. 
I have such a strong feelings of love for Reece. I swear that boy is after my own heart. He’s alluring, flirtatious, sexy and mysterious. He’s slightly cocky and arrogant, but he has immense charm and charisma. He loves books and computers and he’s highly intelligent. Reece exuded plenty of confidence, but he showed shyness and vulnerability when it came to expressing his emotions. I really loved how he never gave up on Jenna and how he continued to gain her trust. I also loved the mystery behind Reece‘s past. Danielle Sibarium doesn’t reveal much, making him a more enticing and complex character. Even through Reece’s sweet side, I felt there was something dark about Reece. I have a feeling that he is hiding something and although this scares me a bit, I found that he made me even more attracted to him.Jenna and Reece’s relationship developed more quickly than I was comfortable with. However, this did not take away my love for this book. Danielle Sibarium made them work because she allowed Jenna and Reece’s relationship to grow throughout the story despite them being together almost from the beginning. Jenna and Reece had such intense chemistry making them seem like they’ve been together far longer than they have. What I loved about this relationship was the imperfections and the obstacles they faced. Although Jenna and Reece loved each other they struggled with parental disapprovals, trust issues, jealousness, and secrets from their past. They had trouble opening up to one another, coupled with Jenna’s personal doubts and Reece’s unknown past, sometimes they hit a wall. When this happened, I literally felt this ache and fear in my heart for both of them. I love Jenna and Reece and every time they fought, the fear that Jenna felt became my own. Despite their arguments, Jenna and Reece had plenty of sweet moments that made me extremely giddy. I loved their witty banter. They’re very playful and comfortable with each other. I felt how much their love ran deep.All in all, Danielle Sibarium continues to impress me with her excellent writing, her ability to create such amazing characters and the fact that she can seamlessly draw me into any story she creates. The romance she created between Jenna and Reece was so intoxicating she had me begging for me! 
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