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Mind Games - Mind Games is another masterpiece that I completely loved from Kiersten White! She has done it again, simply sweeping me off my feet with another amazing story. Mind Games has a stunning combination of the bond and love between two sisters, suspense and edge that will surely be loved by old and new fans all around. I’ve been smitten with White’s work the moment I finished Paranormalcy and Mind Games was further proof of her excellent and outstanding writing style. She has this touch, this ability to create unique voices and personalities in every character she makes and it’s more prominent here between her two main characters, Fia and Annie. The swift and easy way of her storytelling always impresses me to no end. There is something about her writing that flows smoothly without trying that I can never get enough of no matter how many books she may write. Mind Games was really different from her pervious books and that’s what I love most about it. It’s darker, more mature and ten times more thrilling. Kiersten White really ups her game and I was throughly dazzled. 
Between Fia and Annie, I loved Fia more from the very beginning. For me, Fia was just more interesting, more of a mystery and very hard to figure out. She was such a complex character that had so many different sides that always kept me guessing on what she would do next. Fiercely Fia, is what I call her, and she got more spunk and backbone that all the other characters in this book combined. Somewhat broken, a little spazzy and filled with energy, Fia brings out the life of this book in every way. I looked up to Fia for her strength, intelligence, and her cunning ability to fight and defend herself with little to no ease, but mostly for the continued sacrifices she makes on behalf of the safety of her sister. Troubled and internally tortured, Fia struggles with right and wrong and the consequences of her instincts despite the good and the bad. The best thing about Fia was her unwavering loyalty to Annie and the fact that her bravery was seemingly endless even in the face of her most deepest fears. While I didn’t love Annie the way I did with Fia, I did like her to some extent. I thought Annie was a little more serious compared to Fia’s spunky attitude. She was just as protective as Fia, even when she felt like she couldn’t really protect her all that much. I like that Annie was able to give some attitude and dish it even when she was scared and even when she truly couldn’t see. I had a soft spot for Annie because of the guilt she carried for the death of parents and for Fia’s unraveling. I could see the burden she carried and blame she put on herself for everything that has happened and it ate away at me that she would feel this way. Quiet and reserved, Annie wasn’t afraid to risk her life for Fia. She may have seemed weak, but she was strong and able to handle herself far more than I would have thought she could. In the end, I did end up admiring Annie just a little bit more. There was definitely many elements going on in this book that White allows us to grasp and understand, but I could always tell that there was so much more to the story and what was truly going on with the Keane Foundation. The special abilities from Seers, Readers and Feelers are slightly touched upon enough to give way to intrigue and fascination. I loved the aspect of exploitation and black mail because it was entirely different from what I usually read in books lately. The best part of this book was the alternating point of view’s between Fia and Annie and all the flashbacks that were weaved in between the chapters. These flashbacks allowed the story to come full circle and to connect any dots and tie any loose ends. It was not only insightful, but it helped moved the story and explain any questions along the way. I’m excited for the next installment because I have a feeling things are just only beginning for Fia and Annie.
Overall, Mind Games wasn’t a simple story about romance, but of two sisters who love each other so much and would go to so many lengths to protect each other no matter what. This book will enrapture from start to finish and leave you holding your breath for more. More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books