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Unravel Me - True to its title, Unravel Me did more than just that, it consumed me, shook me, broke me, and left me without words and with so much emotions. 

The familiar yet alluring and lyrical writing of Tahereh Mafi is back and better than ever. Like always, it took my breath away and left me gasping for air. The writing in Unravel Me was beautiful, haunting, and totally made my skin tingle and shoot straight to my heart. It was the type of writing that made me want to close my eyes, absorb, savor, and relish every single word, sentence, and page and brand them permanently to my soul. Now settled in Omega Point, Juliette still had her old doubts and fears that continued to plague her. Although Juliette felt like this, there were plenty of times where she wanted to prove herself, pick herself up, and actually do something to help with the upcoming war. Juliette seemed weak before, but in Unravel Me, she exudes strength physically and mentally. She grows, develops and really tries her hardest to fight her demons and insecurities away. I’m even more impressed with the amount of restraint and strength Juliette possesses. I really got to see even more improvement in Juliette throughout this second book from start to finish. A little fragile and still struggling internally, Juliette continued to be the good person I knew her to be. She finally stepped out of the hole she dug herself in and really showed an immense amount of courage, bravery and damn it all, she was fierce and a little scary too. I loved it! I will always have a soft spot for Adam. I loved his love and devotion for Juliette. Even when trouble rose up between them, he kept on trying to make things work and never gave up. He was determined more than ever to stand by Juliette’s side. And as much as I love Adam, I have to admit I love Warner just a bit more. While Juliette owns this book, Warner shines brighter. Warner had me holding my breath, clutching my heart, and had me feeling all kinds of inappropriate feelings and things. I got to see another side of him that had me falling for him, hard and painful. I saw the tortured, lost and broken boy he tried so hard to hide. He was delicate, yet intimidating and like a tornado you can’t help but want to be closer to watch and be fascinated by no matter how dangerous. Warner was so intense and beautiful and magnetic, I was drowning in that intensity, tension and ethereal beauty he had. When he spoke, he was captivating. When he was quiet, he made me curious. I’ll tell you now that Warner got me addicted before, but after Chapter 62, I think I need an intervention.
While some sequels fall flat, Unravel Me was a sequel far superior than its predecessor. Any questions I had during and at the end of Shatter Me are answered; from Adam and Warner’s immunity to Juliette’s touch to Warner’s first name and more. The inner workings of Omega Point are explained and experienced with great detail that I found very interesting. Any other powers and Energies are touched upon and explored more as well. There are some new characters that I fell in love with and old ones I missed and ended up loving even more. Even better, Mafi throws in surprises that never gives Unravel Me a dull moment. 

Overall, Unravel Me was bolder, darker and a lot more sexier. Tahereh Mafi doesn’t fail to impress. She tug tug tugs on the heart strings in plenty of different ways. For me, the whole book was exceptional! 
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