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Down to You - M. Leighton ohsweetheavens! Down to You was just completely drop dead incredible! I love going into a book and immediately loving it from the start and just loving it even more the further I read. I had high expectations for Down to You after reading a previous book from the same author, and M. Leighton did not disappoint. I don’t think she could have disappointed me at all. She totally lived up to everything I had hoped for in this book and way way more. Down to You was dynamic, seductive, and oh so satisfying.
Olivia was sweet, endearing, adventurous and hilarious! That girl is off the chain so epically funny and lovely. I wanted her to be my best friend. I loved her so much. Olivia may be shy, but she wasn’t afraid to stick it where it mattered the most. She never backed down and she was up for the challenge. For me, Olivia was all spunk and full of fierce determination. Her quirkiness, her embarrassing moments, her tongue-tied and nervous reactions just made her so cute, friendly and so easy to connect with. Olivia was the type of character you couldn’t help but love. She had spirit. She was chill. She doesn’t try too hard. Olivia brings it. Cash is every girl’s dream. He definitely stars in my dreams every night. He’s the perfect guy, the perfect package. Dangerous, sexy, smart, capable, driven, and spectacular in the sack! He may be the bad boy we should stay away from, but his irresistible charm and sex appeal is so palpable, there really is no use in fighting off the feelings up here and down there. Cash, my dear friends, is what we’ve been looking for! Nash was the opposite of Cash, but was equally hot in every aspect. He was just as charismatic as Cash, equally kind, but he didn’t have that bad boy aura going on. However, Nash was sweet, easy to be around, flirtatious, and caring. He was oh so mouth-wateringly delicious. I loved his banter with Olivia. They were just too cute. I don’t blame others if they can’t choose between the twins, because dear god in heaven why can’t we just have them both?Down to You had witty and electrifying writing that will have you laughing out loud so many times. M. Leighton doesn’t just know how to sexify, she knows how to damn straight entertain. The sex scenes are not overtly graphic, but gives you more than enough to get the juices flowing. Leighton surely got me all hot and bothered in more than a few scenes. Before I even finished chapter one, I was begging to be Olivia, really. Leighton doesn’t just write well, she knows how to tell a story. She knows how to make it addicting and exuberant. She makes you beg and plead for more. Don’t even get me started on the mind boggling double-u-tee-effery twists she had going on in this book. Leighton strategically places twists that will leave you jaw-droppingly shocked! You will never see it coming! It was the mother of all twists! Because for seriously, I could not wrap my mind around it at all. Lets just say, I, Jessirae, solemnly swear that I was rendered speechless before the book even ended! With a steamy cover and the inside contents that will give off chills and heat all at once, Down to You is the book that will have you aching in places that need relief and have you wishing you never reach the end. This book was volcanic, sensual, and down right orgasmic!More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books