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ReAwakened (Angel Creek, #2) - Ada Adams ReAwakened begins two weeks after the ending of ReVamped and the stakes are even higher than before. We’re back with our beloved heroine, Dawn, along with all the misfits. There’s also a good helping of Sebastian and a bunch of new characters that will either make you swoon or make you want to pull your hair out. Ada Adams really brings ReAwakened to a whole other level with more romance, action, and surprises you’ll just never expect! Angel Creek fans are in for a roller coaster ride that will have your heart racing!Dawn is still that strong, courageous and brave girl I absolutely loved in the first book. In ReAwakened, we definitely see another side of her. A side that is vulnerable and shows weaknesses that make her real and graspable. She grows for the better because even though Dawn is strong in nearly every way, she's not fearless. In ReAwakened, Dawn really tries to hold herself together after everything that has happen and she doesn’t fall a part. Dawn puts her life on the line and sacrifices herself in many situations that anger me, but also made me admire her ten fold. The sheer amount of love she had for her friends is inspiring and goes to show how truly amazing she is. Dawn has always been a good person in and out and she shines here in ReAwakened. This time around Dawn really faces her grief, the truth, and all fears that have been plaguing her for so long. The new characters in ReAwakened are a wonderful addition to the series. There are some characters I absolutely loved from the very start and there are some characters I hated with no hesitation. While others grew on me the more I read. Adams does incredible job of placing these characters and having them rock the stability in the story. These characters not only surprised me, but also shocked me beyond belief. There’s even old characters that come back that I never even imagined would create such chaos. Ada Adams also gives more background story with some of the misfits that made me connect with them more. Ada Adams continued to impress me with her fabulous writing. I was engrossed and completely taken over by the whole story. It was balanced and it had a perfect story arc complete with a building climax and a resolution with a shocking ending that begged for more. The pacing of the book was just amazing! Each chapter had more build up from the previous one until I hit the explosive revelation. Ada added a lot of elements into ReAwakened that worked well with the story and had me guessing all the time. I never quite knew what going to happen next. Every chapter was unexpected and had my anticipation building. The best part of ReAwakened is Ada’s ability to evoke all kinds of emotions from happiness, to anger, to swooning, to nervousness, to sadness and heartbreak. Whatever emotion you could feel, it’s felt while reading this book and how Ada can do this is just sheer brilliance and true talent. Overall, ReAwakened was even better than its predecessor. Any expectations I could have anticipated were blown away. Saying that I enjoyed it is an immense understatement! ReAwakened had a great amount of romance, angst, action, humor, and sadness anyone could hope for. Fans of the Angel Creek series will not be disappointed and be left in complete and utter speechlessness.More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books