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Flawed - Kate Avelynn Beautiful and devastating all wrapped in one heart shattering, soul moving book. Flawed broke me, crushed me whole and devoured my every being. Kate Avelynn created a book so powerful, so gut wrenching.. nothing will ever be the same. Sarah O’Brien was the strongest protagonist I have ever encountered in all my time of reading. She wasn’t strong physically, but with years of abuse she had to go through, Sarah endured. She was living a life she didn’t deserve at all, stuck in an impossible situation with difficult choices to make between the two people that she loved the most. It was all so hard on Sarah and I really felt that pain, the indecision and the stress she was holding on her shoulders. The juggling of protecting herself, her brother, and Sam just took a toll on Sarah and my heart damn near crumbled for her. In the toughest of times, Sarah held out and I truly looked up to the way she loved and cared for James and Sam. I loved Sarah for all that she was and all that she wasn’t and I especially loved her for the choices she made and the fact that she continued to dream, hope and live. 
In so little words, I loved James. I ached for him entirely; that broken boy I wanted to fix from the inside out. As unstable and unpredictable as he was, I could not help but only see the goodness of his intentions and of his heart. He conflicted me, he shook me and made me love and hate him simultaneously. All his life has been devoted to protect and care for Sarah. Everything he had ever done was for Sarah and his unwavering love for her allowed darkness and madness to consume him. James only knew what he had to do to protect Sarah and all he wanted in return was love; love she could not give. And that possessive, all consuming love he had for her was what blew out the last of the bright flame my lovely golden boy had. How do you fix something so broken, so tainted by abuse, alcohol, drugs and fear that only darkness remained? There really is only one answer.. you can’t. The romance of this book rooted and attached itself to me. I have never felt so intensely for the love that bloomed between Sarah and Sam. It was electric and it was paradise and it was dangerous in so many aspects. For me, the risk was worth it all. Sam opened Sarah’s eyes. His smart, independent, caring, and protective personality awakened Sarah and taught her the true meaning of unconditional love. He gave her happiness and what little freedom she could take. Sarah was his everything, his forever and I truly believed that from the bottom of my heart. This boy.. this great, spectacular, unlike-no-one-in-this-world kind of boy was the sweetest, brightest and selfless being I have ever had the privilege to fall in love with. If there is one true hero in this book, it was Sam Donavan. No questions asked. I was unprepared for the amount of pain and hurt this book made me feel. I was unprepared for the amount and depth of love I had for every single letter, word, sentence, paragraph, page and chapter. I have never felt so much fear, hot and cold in my heart. I didn’t think I could have ever foreseen it coming at all. This book opened my eyes to the meaning of sacrifices, of choices, and complete devotion.
Flawed has easily worked its way to being one of the best books I have ever read. The wait was more than worth it and if I had to wait a million years for this book, I would happily do so. Kate Avelynn completely moved me to sobbing tears with her clean, exquisite, and top notch writing. What she created in Flawed was pure emotion, passion and dark tragedy that shattered my heart to tiny painful pieces. It’s the type of book that is too beautiful for words and one that will haunt your very core to oblivion.

Overall, Flawed was just perfect, flawless and incomparable.More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books