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Goddess Interrupted - Aimee Carter Goddess Interrupted was even better than the previous book. Once I started the book, I immediately realized how much I missed the world and all the characters in the story. Aimee Carter really outdid herself with this book. Goddess Interrupted starts off with Kate returning to Eden for the autumn equinox, coming back to Henry and to be crowned Queen of the Underworld. Just when things seem to be going well, Kate has doubts about her marriage with Henry. She fears that she will always be second best to her sister, Persephone, and that Henry will never love her. To top it all off, a powerful being happens to abduct Henry the day of Kate’s "coronation".Already, the book dives into the action, excitement and darkness. I loved how familiar everything felt, from the setting, to the characters and their abilities. I had no trouble at all getting back into this enchanting world that was built up in the first book. The new threat that plagues Kate and the council is brought into the book in a well thought out way that is understandable and clear. Carter takes this part of the Greek myth and makes it into her own. She develops this well, giving readers a good twist. One of my favorite parts of Goddess Interrupted was Kate’s journey in the Underworld. While she was there, I got to imagine what Kate saw: the beauty, the fantasy, the despair and the sorrow. I’m glad that Carter described and visualized the Underworld. She also put in plenty of background and explained the inner workings of the Underworld to make it really seem within reach of reality.Because of Goddess Interrupted, I felt even more close to Kate. Although her insecureness bothered me, I really felt her aching, her pain and all the hurt she was feeling. I completely understood what Kate was going through. Watching Kate slowly wither away from her doubt and fears really broke my heart. Reading about how much pain and heart break she was going through was so intense and emotionally charged, I had to keep putting the book down to pull myself together. But even through all that, Kate was brave and selfless all the way. Her devotion, love and loyalty, to Henry was inspiring. Her determination to save Henry and other gods/goddesses was especially admirable because Kate knew it could mean her life and she was willing to sacrifice herself for the love of her family. Even when having to face the one person she can’t stand, she still pulls through because that’s how amazing Kate is.Goddess Interrupted was full of suspense, danger, but also plenty of romance. While reading it, I was swept up in a whirlwind of emotions from gut-wrenching sadness, to anger, to frustration and then to joy and back. And with that ending, I was wishing I could get more. Overall, this second book in the Goddess Test series was one fulfilling journey.
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