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Hidden - Sophie Jordan If there is one word to describe Hidden by Sophie Jordan, it would be remarkable. It’s definitely even better than the first two books! Sophie Jordan never fails to impress. She definitely blew me away with the final installment to the Firelight trilogy.Hidden picks up right where Vanish ended with Jacinda, Will, Cassian and Tamra. From the start, the tension is already apparent and the knowledge of an unsure survival is palpable. I can’t even begin to explain how imminent the danger was and how there was so many threats appearing at different sides. I was squirming and my heart was racing through several parts. I was utterly entranced and hooked the entire time while reading Hidden. I was more than happy to be back into Jacinda’s world filled with drakis, hunters and enkros. It was so easy to lose and have myself be consumed by this world. I missed it so much. I definitely loved that I got to learn more about the hunters and enkros in Hidden. I also enjoyed all the new characters that showed up, whether they were prominent throughout the whole book or not. Jacinda continues to amaze me with her unwavering strength, confidence and power. I have always admired Jacinda ever since Firelight and in Hidden, she doesn’t disappoint me at all. I believe she has always been an extraordinary character. Jacinda tries to help everyone that means a lot to her even if this meant putting her hopes and dreams aside. In Hidden, I got to see how much Jacinda cared for both Cassian and Will. Whatever she was feeling towards these two boys, I was feeling it along side her. I got to see her relationship with Cassian and how strong their bond was and how it really affected both of them physically and emotionally. Her relationship with Will was constantly put to the test and it seemed like every force was ready to break them apart. The shocking discoveries, truths, revelations and ultimate betrayals in Hidden were endless and I always found myself not knowing what to expect, not knowing whose safety and life was at risk. The battles and fights were epic. The losses were heartbreaking and painful and they really hit me hard. Hidden was the perfect ending to the Firelight trilogy. I believe that Sophie Jordan really wrapped up the ending to this amazing book really nicely. There was a touch of bittersweetness, but it was also full of redemption, hope and love. Although I hate to see this world end and I hate to let go of these characters I’ve become so attached to, I love how true the ending was. I was happy and content the moment I finished the last page. Overall, Hidden was an outstanding book! It was daring, bold and downright explosive. Full of action, tragedies and sweet moments, Hidden doesn’t fail to put you at the edge of your seat. You’ll wish it never ended because there’s nothing you want more than for the story to keep going.More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books