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The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer - Michelle Hodkin The beginning of the The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer is definitely an attention-grabber. From the very start, Michelle Hodkin had me drawn to this book so easily. That first page was so intriguing I knew I just had to have more and boy did Michelle really take me by surprise in the best possible way. 

Mara wakes up in the hospital after a tragic accident happens, leaving her alive and her friends dead. She doesn’t remember anything. Mara and her family move in order to forget what happened, but it seems the past continues to haunt Mara. She’s hallucinating; walls moving, ghosts of her friends and her ex boyfriend, Jude, popping up in the mirror and she even hears voices. Mara’s mom and therapist believe she’s just experience PTSD, traumatized from the events, but maybe there something more to it than that. As Mara adjusts to her new school, she meets this beautiful, sexy and dangerous boy that will change and help her ultimately discover what really happened that night. Everything will never be the same, but despite the crazy Mara is going through... she falls helplessly in love.

Michelle Hodkin’s writing is spectacular. The descriptions are so well thought out, so clearly written that my skin crawled from all the creeptastic things that were going on with Mara. Everything was easy to imagine, easy to visualize. I absolutely loved the plot of this book. It was scary, disturbing and fascinating all mixed into one. I enjoyed the “before” scenes because I got to know more along with Mara throughout the book. Those flashback/memories were very insightful and I loved how Michelle Hodkin decided to show and not tell. My interest with The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer was beyond anything I have ever experienced.

I really loved the paranormal aspect of the story. It was complex and well thought out. It’s hard not to love in this book. It’s so addicting. Many of the twists of this book will you keep on the edge of your seat and possibly have your stomach churning from all the excitement.

I love Mara Dyer so much, it’s so hard to explain. The depth in which we get to know her is incredible. I really felt what she was going through. I was able to connect with Mara the instant she showed up on page. Her pain and suffering became mine and sometimes I just had to take a breather from all the intensity of Mara’s feelings. It was completely thrilling to be able to feel this way with a character. I loved Mara’s witty personality. She had this unique sense of humor and sarcasm that had me smiling. I loved how she was independent and had this air of spark and spunk that made me relate to her even more. I also loved how even though she was a strong character, she was still broken and vulnerable making her a more realistic MC.What I also loved with Mara is the fact that she had such an amazing relationship with the other characters, especially with her brother Daniel. I thought they were cute and funny. Their banter had me grinning throughout the whole book. I love how she was protective of her little brother and how she cared so much for Jamie despite knowing him for only a short time. I loved how Mara really thought of her family first, even though she was having a hard time. I really admire Mara for her strength, her courage and her devotion to her family. 

I’m going to admit now that I loved Noah long before I read the book. Noah Shaw is my hero. I always love a bad boy gone good for the sake of love. Noah is cocky, overconfident, intelligent but so zealous. He’s deliciously sexy, kind hearted, caring and very protective of Mara. I loved getting to know him just as Mara did. No wonder she couldn’t help but fall for him because I sure did. He’s such a fascinating character. He really is to-die-for. 

The ending of this book really wowed me to no extent. I didn’t see it coming. It was so unexpected, I thought my mind was going to explode with theories and the possibilities of it all. I was amazed to no extent.Overall, The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer is utterly shocking and mind blowing. It’s mysterious, sexy, dark and downright gut wrenchingly explosive. It’s a heart-stopping novel that will keep you needing more and more. 

4.5 out of 5 stars
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