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Wolfsbane - Andrea Cremer I thought there was no topping Nightshade, but Andrea Cremer surprises me again with Wolfsbane. Andrea Cremer sucked me in the first book, but she completely captured me in the second book.In Nightshade, Calla escapes the clutches of the Keepers with Shay leaving her family, pack and Ren behind and finding herself with the Keeper’s enemies, the Searchers. Little does Calla know her escape and betrayal to the Keepers will bring severe consequences to her loved ones she left behind. Now on the side of the Searchers, Calla is determined to get her family and pack back including Ren despite Shay’s disapproval. 

I loved the addition of new characters. They developed the story more and made the story much more interesting. I loved Connor’s humor. He’s my favorite of the new characters. I also loved Adne’s fierceness. She’s small, but terrible! Her job with the Searchers is pretty cool. All the Searchers were very likable, even Ethan. I love how each and every one of them were awesome fighters and many of them worked well together. They made the fight scenes more complex and amazing. While in Nightshade, we learn more about the Keepers. This time we learn more about the Searchers and I really enjoyed jumping into their world. I loved the vivid descriptions of the Academy. Their world is so different from the Keepers. It was nice to get into that aspect. I also like the fact that we understand the Searchers and their cause to fight against the Keepers more in this one. Also, more history about the Searchers and Keepers emerge which brought more insight to the story. Learning the truth really helped build up an alliance between Calla and the Searchers. 

I loved Calla even more in this one. She made decisive decisions and she believed in what she had to do. I loved how she took the initiative to save her friends. Calla is a true heroine. She really shines in Wolfsbane, much more than ever.

I thought the battles in this one was very intense. The build up was so perfect. When you get to the battle you are completely wowed. I expected causalities along the way, but I wasn’t prepared for what happened. It was so fast and I felt Calla’s pain very very deeply. The twist of truth about Ren totally took me off guard. I suspected something, but I didn’t think anything like that would go down. And the pain that Calla feels for Ren. Oh man, both characters broke my heart. I think this book really made Calla and Ren realize how much they love and care for each other. 

I thought I couldn’t love Wolfsbane more than I did Nightshade, but I was wrong. Andrea Cremer more than surpassed my expectations. I honestly thought Wolfsbane couldn’t get any better than it already was, but Andrea Cremer never fails to make an amazing story. 

Filled with scary consequences and epic battles to fight, Wolfsbane sucks you into Calla’s world once more. It’s a lot darker and sexier. At the end of this book, Cremer will have you howling for the next book. ;] 

5 of 5 stars.More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books