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One Moment - Kristina McBride I started this book not knowing what I was really getting into and in the end, I couldn’t shake off what I was feeling for this book. I couldn’t get the book, the characters and how the story all came together out of mind. Over and over, I kept replaying the events of the book and I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmingly amazed at how much this book really hit home. 
Kristina McBride’s writing in One Moment is completely impressive and exhibits her brilliance in telling a story that evokes deep emotion from the characters and from the reader. Her writing is crisp and clean with descriptions that are vivid and colorfully detailed making me able to lose myself completely into the story. The words that McBride created to make this incredible book imprinted on my mind, my heart, and on my soul.I thought Kristina McBride did an excellent job developing the story and Maggie’s background. She started off the story introducing Maggie, Joey and their other friends. By the end of the first chapter, I was already put on edge, shocked by Joey’s outcome and completely mystified by Maggie’s memory loss. I loved how McBride made this story mysterious, allowing me to question what really happened with Maggie and Joey before his death. Not only does she take us along Maggie’s grieving process and recovery, but she gives more insight on how she and Joey began with flashbacks. These flashbacks were weaved into the story with great ease and the transition between the present and past was flawless. The way Maggie retrieves her memories were believable and realistic, without leaving doubt on Maggie or Kristina McBride’s writing. The pacing of the book matches Maggie’s character and the circumstances that she was put in. The build up to the truth flows beautifully, giving the reader, including me, a great amount of nervousness, anticipation and fear. 

I really admired Maggie’s character. She had a strong and lively voice inside my head. Her story in this book was already tragic from the start and even with her immense pain and vulnerability, I thought Maggie was really strong and brave for wanting to recover her memories and for trying to uncover the truth even though she had a feeling that her life was going to turn upside down. She didn’t give up and she never once closed herself off even when she felt so hurt and even when she was angry. The way Kristina McBride created Maggie allowed me not only to seamlessly connect to her, but she allowed me to put myself into the story and become one with Maggie. I was able to understand why Maggie put Joey on such a high pedestal, making him seem like this perfect iconic boyfriend. I also understood why it was hard for her to accept the truth and to forgive because I felt what Maggie felt. All the pain and sorrow coupled with the anger and resentment; I felt it from Maggie like it was my own. The way Maggie carried herself to the end was just amazing and the decisions she made in the end just proved how extraordinary she really was. 

I have to admit that One Moment was a tough read for me because of the constant emotional roller coaster I was on while reading. It was the type of book that made me want to rip through it right away, but also pause and put the book down to gather all my thoughts and feelings all at once. This is the first book that literally made my heart race in anticipation to the point where I could hear and feel my heart pounding in my ears all the while making me want to pull my hair out in frustration. One Moment is an extremely moving and powerful read. It’s gut wrenching, heart twisting, and emotionally devastating. My heart was breaking so much throughout the story, but Kristina McBride managed to put the pieces of my fragile heart back together. There is nothing that I didn’t love about One Moment even with my intense hatred for certain characters and their actions. I loved how each part had me reeling and how some parts made me smile and I loved the fact that this book broke me inside. 
One Moment is anything but a simple story about a girl trying to cope and deal with a tragic event that has rocked her life along with her close group of friends. It’s a story about finding out the truth, overcoming heartache, learning to accept and learning to forgive. Most of all, it’s getting past ultimate betrayal from someone you really love and it’s about opening your eyes and heart to what’s right in front of you.
This poignant tale is truly unforgettable and completely exceptional. For me, One Moment is a must read, must have, must own type of book. I make no mistake when I say that One Moment has become one of my all time favorites. It’s that good.
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