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Everneath - Everneath is a spectacular read, but it is also very deep and emotional. It has the perfect mix of humor, romance and mythology. It’s the perfect book for just about anyone. 

Nikki Beckett disappeared into the Everneath with the mysterious Everliving, Cole. In the Everneath, immortals feed on human emotions. Nikki has been in the Everneath for a century, but then she returns. She returns to the life she once knew. However, Nikki only has six months before she’ll be dragged back under. Nikki is determined to make things right with her family, friends and with her old boyfriend she still loves. She wants to say a proper good-bye before she leaves. This time, for good. Most of all, Nikki wants to reconnect with her old boyfriend Jack, but Nikki didn’t come back alone. Cole followed her.

Brodi Ashton’s writing is superb. It’s very easy to read and very gripping and you’re more likely to get sucked into Everneath because of this. The entire book is highly addictive and highly entertaining. There’s not a single moment of boredom at all. I absolutely loved this book with no doubt in my mind and heart.

I love love love the mythology tied into the story. Not only do we have references to Hades and Persephone, but also Osiris and Isis and then add the story of Eurydice and Orpheus. I just died with mythology ecstasy. The mythology in the book is unique, refreshing and not necessarily a retelling. It’s more of a refreshing spin off. Brodi Ashton took an old story and made into this modernized piece of brilliance. Not only did she add mythology, but there’s a touch of paranormal supernatural abilities that just go perfectly into it all. The incredible world of Everneath is so breathtaking. The imagery and descriptions are vivid and very very clear. I could imagine what the Everneath looked like and feel like I was actually there. It was absolutely amazing and exhilarating.I loved the characters of Everneath, especially Nikki. I found her to be very endearing. I connected with Nikki the moment I read the first page. Even though she was in pain throughout most of the book, I thought she had this unwavering determination that I couldn’t help but admire her for. Nikki herself is the most realistic character I have ever encountered in a book. In Everneath, I didn’t feel like I was just reading Nikki’s story, but I was there, living it in her place. I was feeling everything she was feeling. The pain and sorrow and emptiness was so prominent with Nikki. That raw emotion was shot through my heart. It was amazing how I instantly became attached to Nikki.I have to say that I love both Jack and Cole. Jack was a complete sweetheart. His undying love for Nikki was just heartwarming. I loved how he just never gave up. He’s the epitome of a hero and I couldn’t help but love him with all my heart and soul. I know Cole was supposed to be the antagonist, the sort of bad guy, but I just didn’t get that from him. I thought he was mysteriously dangerous, but oh so fascinating. I believed he really cared for Nikki before and after she went under. The connection that Nikki had with both was very intense, but also different. I thought she could go both ways. However, I think Nikki and Jack are just perfect. They’re connection goes deeper than flesh and bone. I felt their pain and longing for one another. My heart couldn’t help but slowly break for them.