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Clockwork Prince - Cassandra Clare Tessa Gray’s story continues to unravel in next installment of The Infernal Devices with Clockwork Prince. Two weeks have passed from the events at the end of Clockwork Angel to the beginning of Clockwork Prince. The problems left behind in the first book arise here in book two. Some are answered, possibly hinted at, and some are still a mystery. 

Cassandra Clare always seems to quickly capture my attention in all her books and Clockwork Prince is no exception. Cassie intricately weaves in adventure with humor, love and passion with excitement, fear and discovery with betrayals and lies all compiled down into one engrossing and more than just an addicting story. 

The need to find the Magister in Clockwork Price is more urgent and evident than ever. It all comes down to whether Charlotte and Henry can find him and keep the Institute within their grasp or lose it to Benedict Lightwood, who in my opinion is more than despicable as they come. All the while, Will continues to struggle with his inner demons and the past that he seems to hide away in secret. Tessa and Jem grow closer and closer with each passing day. Tessa is more than curious about her own past, where she came from and who her parents really were. She grows to love everyone in the Institute and is now more than ever caught between two most handsome Shadowhunter boys. 

I’ve come to grow very fond of the trio that is Will, Tessa and Jem. I was very pleased to see a different side to Will. He’s definitely got that heart of gold I knew he had from the start. It was nice to see that wall he built so perfectly came crumbling down. I enjoyed watching him transform from the person he was in Clockwork Angel, to the person he became at the end of this book. It was nice to finally see the real William Herondale. Also, I was more than happy to get more Jem and Tessa interaction. I’m still on the fence between Jem and Will, but I love how Cassie gives both them a chance to show Tessa just how much they love her. It’s such a relief to finally read a love triangle that makes sense, at least to me. I thought that after this book, I could decide who’s Team I’m really on, but I think I’m just as confused as Tessa is. They are both wonderful in their own way and I can’t really blame Tessa for loving Jem and Will. I do have to comment on the fact that this book was much hotter and sexier than the last. The scene with Tessa and Jem literally took my breath away. I wanted more of that! It made my head spin because I never thought Jem could be so daring. I always saw him as this tender flame, bright and brilliant, but soft and caring. I wasn’t expecting that side of him for sure. I do admit that I did find Jem more likable than Will in this one. I wanted to wrap my arms around Jem and never ever left go. He’s just too good and it breaks my heart when I see him in pain. The scenes with Will and Tessa didn’t give me that same feeling, but I think it’s a good thing because it gives Jem a moment to shine. However, I did learn to understand Will more in this one. I don’t agree with all the things he’s done or the decisions he’s made, but I finally see Will for just who he is. Moreover, the scenes were wonderful and left me awestruck and the interactions with all three of them were always amusing and fun to read.For me, Clockwork Prince was little slower paced than the previous book. This did not take away the overall enjoyment, but I did wish things speeded up a bit. I specifically enjoyed the plot twists and finding out who was really on Tessa’s side, so to speak. I admit that the betrayal came to no surprise. In fact, I kind of expected it but I was hoping it wasn’t true for the sake of the other characters that would be betrayed. I didn’t expect a lot of revelations that happened with the characters, especially some of their identities, but I sure loved the overall realization. I was also surprised to find some loyalties were switched over and that some characters were not as bad as I first thought.I do have to comment on the lack of build-up in this book. I was looking for a big showdown near the end, but was slightly disappointed. Not to say I didn’t like the end, because I most certainly did. It left me with all kinds of emotions that I have no words for. I was heart-broken near the end, but mostly satisfied even without the climax I was waiting for. I was surprised at Tessa’s decision, not because I don’t agree with her, but I think she needed to think it out thoroughly. Even though my questions for Tessa are still not answered, I think the mystery of her identity is still appealing. I’m glad Cassie decided to hide it still. I have a feeling she will give me that surprise in Clockwork Princess.All in all, Clockwork Prince was just as amazing as Clockwork Angel. I was surely absorbed by the whole story and shocked many times over. I enjoyed the fact that the characters were even more developed, that Cassie still brought in wonderful descriptions of London and York and the overall feeling I was left with the book: content and more than excited for the next. 

5 out of 5 stars. More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books