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Firelight (Firelight Series) - Jacinda is a draki, descendent of dragons that are able to shift into human form. But what’s so special about Jacinda? She’s the only fire-breather ever, in many many years. This has gotten Jacinda much attention from the Pride and most of all their leader. She’s closely watched and protected, but Jacinda longs to be free, to fly any time of day, to make her own choices in life, to be who she was born to be: a draki. However, her rebellion causes her to be chased by the Hunters that are known to kill her kind. Just when she thought she was done for, a beautiful boy spares her life.Though Jacinda survives, her actions have consequences from the Pride. Jacinda’s mother uproots her and twin sister Tamra to live a normal life in the mortal world. Jacinda struggles to adapt, but one bright spot is that beautiful boy that saved her then and just maybe he may save her again.I can’t say this is the most original dragon story I have ever read, since it’s my first but I can tell you that the idea of draki’s is a very interesting one. It piques the inner workings of your mind, telling you that you need to explore this more. So naturally, I wanted to know more about draki’s even before I opened the book. Dragons are already awesome creatures, but drakis? Way way better. I love how, not only can Jacinda and the others manifest into their dragon descendants, but they each have special powers depending on what type draki they are to ensure ultimate survival. I thought that to be brilliant idea. The way that Sophie Jordan describes Jacinda’s manifest is so beautiful, I can see it in my mind’s eye. To make the book even more exciting than it already is, Jordan throws in the mix of Hunters that nearly bring Jacinda’s kind to extinction. I love learning the ways of Jacinda’s Pride and how they all work together. It’s very strict and organized. I understood this because it was needed for their survival, but I understood the suffocation that Jacinda felt within her own home.Jordan doesn’t fail to entice you with the first few chapters of the book. Just a few chapters in, I found my heart beating in overdrive. I was so scared something might happen to Jacinda. Then Sophie Jordan sucked me in further with the appearance of the beautiful boy, Will. That encounter was primal, beautiful and amazing. Soon after, I was turning page after page, devouring the book at a very alarming rate. I found Jacinda to be an extraordinary character. She was strong-willed and determined. Jacinda speaks her mind and tries so hard to be her own person. I connected with her immediately. I understood her need for freedom, to make her own choices, to do what she wanted to do, but still stay within her Pride. When she’s forced to live in the mortal world, I was very sympathetic to her struggle and her willingness to keep her draki alive. She wanted to make her own choices, but she doesn’t want to stop being who she is. I completely related to Jacinda, but I wanted to be like Jacinda. She is one fierce fire-breather. She doesn’t give up and her drive to stay true to herself is impressive. Jacinda fights emotionally and physically throughout the whole book and I admire her strength to keep going.

The romance between Jacinda and Will is one of the best I’ve read. Their curiosity for each other blooms into an all consuming love. The sexual tension between the two was so intense, so well written, I became a fan of their relationship even before I knew who Will was! The forbidden aspect on both sides is the perfect touch to this wonderful romance. It’s more dangerous, more exciting and even more worth the risk. Will is going to make you melt.
Overall I found Firelight to be an unforgettable read. The story is irresistible, the plot is compelling, and the romance heats up along the ride.More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books