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The Wild Ones (The Wild Ones, #1) - M. Leighton The Wild Ones.. what can I say? This book was absolutely breath-taking and magical in every way. M. Leighton knows how to write a story, a romance that just has the best fun, silly, and heated intensity that I have been looking for. The Wild Ones just wrapped me up in its’ center goodness. Cami- 1/2 of what made this book amazing.
 She was absolutely wonderful; a cool, good girl who saw beyond the money her father had. Cami was just a fun girl to be around. She was smart, level-headed, confidant and poised. She oozed independence and was a very likable character. Friendly and classy and strong, I loved her immediately. I loved the way she wanted to break free and be reckless around Trick and I loved how she believed in him and his potential. Cami had me from the moment she opened her mouth to the very end where she left me awestruck. Trick- second 1/2 of what made this book extraordinarily delicious.
 Ah, the boy that made my heart explode with so much love. He was the whole package deal and a little something extra. He was a mixture of sexy, cocky, charming and suave, shaken and not stirred type of character I wanted to drink up and devour. Despite the rough edges, Trick cares so much about his family and cares so much about Cami. He put his dreams on hold to support his family and he goes against all odds for Cami. Trick, was and is the golden boy of my heart and damn, if I didn’t love him enough than I already do. Sweet, bold and daring, I knew Trick was going places. I just didn’t know he planned to shoot straight through my heart. The Romance- unfreakingbelievable in the best best best way.
 It was this immediate and hot attraction that I could feel through the pages. I absolutely loved Cami and Trick’s back and forth flirting and their up and down, mind swirling love for each other. The chemistry they had rocked my world. Their romance was intense, gradually building up and growing deeper and deeper and right when I thought it couldn’t get any better, the climax takes charge and nearly shatters everything. It was well written and intoxicatingly beautiful. M. Leighton’s writing has the power to sweep me off my feet.
 Genius. That is what M. Leighton is. She created a story that had me grinning from ear to ear, laughing out loud like a mad woman, squealing like a pig on fire, and had me diving heart first into a bottle of Patron to drown out my sorrows. Even better, she had me speeding through the book as fast as a horse running away who has just seen a rattlesnake and got spooked. Her writing was sensual, passionate and good god, brilliant. I couldn’t have asked for more in one book. M. Leighton sets up the pacing in a stunning and gorgeous way. I got a chance to know Cami and Trick alternately in their POVs to the point where I was rooting for them no matter how dire the circumstances. The best part was the shocking, heart stopping revelation, in which I didn’t see coming, that Leighton weaved in. It was the perfect way to rock things, but she patched up my broken heart and gave me what I wished for in the end. Like Cami describes Trick, I can say that M. Leighton’s writing is addictive. With terrific humor and stomach churning moments, The Wild Ones is one inspiring novel that will make your heart sing. I would be lying if I told you I didn’t absolutely love this book.More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books