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Crash - Nicole  Williams Wow! This book was no ordinary love story, where the girl meets the bad boy and falls in love. No, Crash by Nicole Williams was much more than that. This book embraces love in all the right and wrong places and it shows you that sometimes, that feeling we have may be more than enough. Lucy in the sky, the girl that has more strength than she knows.
 This girl was beyond amazing for me. I loved the moment her snark came out when she first met Jude, the kindness that she showed, the fierceness she had when she dished it out to others and the the passion in her heart and soul for dancing. Lucy had spirit of a raging fire, an intelligent mind and voice, and a daring side that she couldn’t quite hold back. But Lucy was guilt ridden and scarred by a past that continued to haunt her and yet she held on strong even when it felt like things were falling apart for her. Lucy was the type of girl that didn’t let anyone talk down to her, especially a boy. She doesn’t care what other people think and she does whatever the hell makes her happy. Good girl at heart with an intimidating attitude to match, Lucy breaks all the rules of romance and listens to the beat of her heart. Jude Ryder: a force to be reckoned with. 
 Oh, this boy will just steal your heart in less than a second on that first page and you’ll never ever wish to have it back. Jude is what I call, sex on legs. He’s sexy as hell, smooth, charming and did I mention that he’s super hot? And Jude is totally the type of boy you shouldn’t really bring home to your parents, but you do anyway because he’s so great there’s just no other way. Jude Ryder is the definition of bad boy; cocky and arrogant, confident and cool but he was also infuriatingly irresistible from head to toe. Like Luce, Jude has a dark and painful past that has led him down a path of self-destruction and into situations a teenage boy like him shouldn’t be in. He’s broken and tormented, and thinks he can never be saved. Jude will break your heart, but he’ll pick up the pieces and make you whole again. Lucy and Jude’s romance is a storm that comes and goes, but leaves with a bang.
 These two are up and down, back and forth, love and hate, pain and joy. But for the love of all things holy, their love takes my breath away. Both have raging tempers that sometimes get the best of themselves and each other, but these two fit. They make each other whole and they make each other better. They desperately want each other, but it seemed like every twist of fate was tearing them a part. Somehow, someway, Lucy and Jude made it work. These two are all consuming, potent with a mix of toxic and sweet chemistry that cannot be ignored. Their relationship is one big emotional ride that had me laughing and smiling and sad and in agony all at once. The intensity of love Jude and Lucy have for each other is dynamite and absolutely unforgettable. Nicole Williams’ writing is brilliant, one that stands out. 
 Crash was addictive and captivating to the point of no return. Nicole allows me to connect with Lucy and Jude in such an intimate way, I felt like I knew them both, like they were my friends. She sets the pace beautifully, letting Lucy and Jude discover love in a natural way. It’s not rushed nor is it boring. She also adds in the perfect balance of humor and seriousness. Nicole also created the best jaw-dropping and heart-stopping WTFery moments and crazy dynamite plot twists that made me do a double take. I have never been taken aback so much as where Crash as led me to. There are parts in this book I expected, parts that were unexpected and parts that surprised me where I never in my lifetime would have ever seen coming and that brought me to to a point where I was just rendered speechless.All in all, Crash was one crazy and chilling novel that has left me wanting and needing so much more of Lucy and Jude. Nicole Williams created one heck of a novel in Crash and you’ll see how fate is cruel and how small the world is and how connected we really are. In one word, Crash is sublime. 

I loved every single moment of it. 
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