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The Shadow Society - I didn’t know what I was getting into when I opened up The Shadow Society and I certainly wasn’t prepared for all the elements in this book. One thing is for sure and that’s the sheer amount of amazing this book has. Marie Rutkoski creates a novel that is empowering, thought provoking and risk-taking. She takes a girl missing her past and weaves her life into an adventurous, dark, and glorious alternate world. The brilliance of Rutkoski’s creation of this world is evident in the way she described the city in great, dazzling detail. Rutkoski explains the origins of this other dimension--the creation of the split, the start of the war between humans and shades, the ghosting abilities and so much more--giving a good, solid foundation overall. The IBI and the Shadow Society along with their inner-workings are an interesting aspect of the book that are also explored even further. This alternate world that was nearly parallel, but still different to present day Chicago was vast, beautiful and filled with mysteries not so unknown to humans. It was slightly familiar and new all at once. In this world there are unthinkable inventions and innovations that are imaginable. This world had powerful human beings that are protective and severe and an underground Society with their own harshness and cold cut realities. This world was more than fascinating; it left me breathless. The protagonist, Darcy Jones seemed like a simple girl, but it was painstakingly obvious that she was different and unlike any other. Deep inside of herself Darcy knew she didn’t quite fit in with everyone else. Darcy had an immense amount of spunk and snark to her personality, but she had an underlying brokenness and vulnerability hidden beneath. Darcy goes through so much pain, betrayal, fear and hurt, but she continued to fight and survive for herself, for the people around her, and for the ones she loved most. What I loved about Darcy was her ability to appreciate her friends and to forgive and give second chances. She saw things differently; the good, the bad and everything in between that. She was loyal and true to herself from the beginning.The romance in The Shadow Society is just a piece of a huge part. The feelings developing between Darcy and Conn was so cute to read. These two started off wonderfully and had to go through some hoops. They were tragic, heartbreaking but also lovely too. Their romance was a like a small fire that needed stoking and care all the time. It was a fragile thing that can easily be wiped away, but it burned and thrived. I loved the way Darcy and Conn were able to open each other’s eyes and find common ground. They ended up giving each other exactly what the other needed. Rutkoski does an excellent job of telling a story that leaves you in the dark in the beginning, but keeps you engaged and enticed so you want to read more. Her writing is pristine and succinct; it grabs attention and has an addition of wittiness that is unforgettable. She clearly builds up this extraordinary world and gives us characters that not only stand out, but are easy to love. The best part was the depth in which Rutkoski developed Darcy’s character; I really got to know and experience that raw emotion from her. I especially loved how the story just wasn’t about romance or two groups fighting, but a story about flaws, the gray area of right and wrong, acceptance, tolerance, and being able to work together while setting hatred and differences aside. Overall, The Shadow Society was a beautiful, well-written read. It has a kick-butt heroine, a staggering romance, and an original storyline. Rutkoski created this fictitious novel and made it realistic and genuine.More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books