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The Assassin and the Princess - Sarah J. Maas Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas was the book I have been waiting for. I knew from the blurb alone that I would fall completely head over heels in love with this book and I was not once disappointed by the outcome. I have grown to appreciate and even adore books with a high fantasy aspect, such as this one. Throne of Glass has broken down all the walls I’ve built up and had me embracing a story that’s exceptional in the writing, the characters, the storyline, and in the romance. Celaena Sardothien in three words: extraordinary, impressive and kick-ass! I loved her without a doubt! She’s clever, sharp and cunning where she can quickly disarm more than a few men. She’s always aware of her surroundings; stepping into a room and counting out possible exits, number of guards standing in her way, and even surveying objects she could use as a weapon. Celaena’s big mouth stirs up trouble more than once, but is usually the cause of my excessive laughter. She got this sensitivity, kindness, and caring nature for people who were done wrong by Adarlan’s forces. What I love most about her was the fact that she wasn’t ruthless, but practical. She had this burning curiosity for knowledge and a severe sense of loyalty that made her unyielding and relentless. She’s tenacious, continuing to fight at all costs no matter what underlying doubt or fear she had within her. Even more important, Celaena was a young girl stripped of a happy, normal childhood who faced death at such an early age and continued to do so for one thing: survival. Under that tough exterior of being Adarlan’s Assassin lays an endearing girl with a true heart full of courage. Chaol and Dorian: different, yet both managed to capture my heart instantly. 
 Chaol was Captain of the Royal Guard who was a great fighter who doesn’t take crap from anyone. He’s rugged, strong-willed, and has a presence that’s both intimidating and enticing. He seemed like this fearsome warrior, but he’s quiet, kind and tender. He was seriously honorable and loyal and he had great amount of morality. He and Celaena had a different kind of relationship. It started off with him being totally hostile towards her where they didn’t like each other much. Their relationship slowly builds into a deeper understanding and connection throughout the book.
 Dorian was the Crown Prince of Adarlan, son of Celaena’s number one enemy. I really adored Dorian. He had a way of making the most serious moments light and amusing with his charisma and charm. He definitely had an immense amount of humor that just had me smitten. He had an easy going relationship with Celaena where both were comfortable with being playful with one another. Their banter was highly entertaining and their amusement with each other was contagious. 
 Because both of these men were remarkable in every sense, it just became impossible to choose between the two and I commend Sarah J. Maas for writing such well developed, spell-binding, and lovable characters. 
The writing, the pacing, and the world-building was executed perfectly.
 I was in awe with Sarah’s elegant and lovely writing style. It was entirely gripping. The pacing of the whole book was written beautifully, if not flawlessly. I never did get bored and each chapter was a joy to read. Something new was always happening and the sheer amount of anticipation building inside of me was endless. There was plenty of heart pounding moments during the tests and more so during the dual that had me so nervous for Celaena I felt like I was always on my tippy toes burning with excitement. There’s definitely many different aspects in Throne of Glass that I really liked, such as the court politics with the mystery and intrigue of the past rulers of Adarlan, the magic of the Fae that is prominent in the book and weaved in effortlessly, monsters and creatures that lurk the dark depths of a different world around Celaena, and then there was betrayal, pure evil and sinister beings living within the breath-taking glass castle of Adarlan. It was this world that Sarah created that had me infatuated with the book to the point where I wanted to live, breathe, sleep and experience it all as my own.When all is said and done, Throne of Glass is unforgettable, unputdownable, and one unbelievable book that made its way to being one of my all-time favorites! More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books