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Daughter of Smoke and Bone - Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor simply blew me away. From the start, I was immediately captivated by the story and the world that Laini built up. It was so easy for me to just lose myself into this book. Each time I picked up this book, the real world would fall away and I was able to place myself into Karou’s surroundings. I was able to lose myself entirely.

The originality of the plot and the mythology was not only refreshing but entirely compelling. The plot was complex, well-thought out but still easy to understand. Laini really turned this book into a mysteriously creative piece of work centered around war between two entities. The book transported me into this intoxicatingly vivid place never to be forgotten. The imagery and descriptions of Prague, Eretz, Loramendi and all the other places Karou went to were absolutely exquisite. There’s never such a place I would dream to be in but there. Laini took me to this incredible fantasy world filled with Seraphim and Chimaera and left me breathless from amazement.Laini’s writing overall is extremely divine. I have never been so enraptured by an author’s writing before. Everything, from the places to the characters were magically descriptive and expressive. The way she writes is crystal clear, smooth as glass and clean as pure water. Her writing evoked deep emotions from within my soul. I smiled, laughed and cried. I found myself angry and tormented at all the right moments. Laini’s writing in Daughter of Smoke and Bone left me with this great feeling of contentment that no other author has ever been able to do so. Not only is Laini a genius, she’s brilliant. 

What I completely loved most about this book was the way Laini created her characters. Each and every one was unique. Each character carried themselves with such stunning beauty. They were very well developed and seemingly real. Also, I was able to make deep connections with the characters, especially Karou. She exuded this fierce sense of confidence and strength. She was beautifully flawed, cleverly witty, so human and otherworldly all at once. She has so much personality. There’s no reason at all not to love and adore Karou. She’s everything a heroine should be and more. She literally kicks ass. Akiva was another character I loved. He became this mesmerizingly brooding character that I really enjoyed reading about. To read how he transforms from the experiences of pain and loss broke my heart. He’s such a beautiful character. He’s so broken and conflicted. As I continued to know him better throughout the book, I couldn’t help but feel this intense feeling of sympathy and awe. All the other characters, such as Brimstone, Issa, and Zuzana were extraordinarily likable. There is not a character in this book that you cannot relate to. 

This book was most enjoyable for me because it kept me at the edge of my seat at all times. The air of mystery and danger was always apparent. Each page and chapter was always a gasping surprise. I was always uncertain of what was going to happen and when. I felt like anything could leave me drowning or explode in my face at every turn. Nothing was ever foreseen or expected.Overall, Daughter of Smoke and Bone is strange and wonderful in the best possible way. There really is no book like it. By the end, I was rendered speechless. 5 out of 5 stars!More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books