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Losing It  - Cora Carmack My dearest and ever so wonderful LOSING IT,

First and foremost, I must confess that you have slayed me. You have taken it upon your bookish self to grasp me with your claws and hold me tight, and sweet hell, after you were done with me I was ever so willing to stay in your clutches for all eternity. I still am, if I’m truly being honest. You have made me feel all the feels one could possibly imagine with wanting to feel. 
I was downright addicted the moment Bliss showed up on page. That girl made the most awkwardest scenes super duper hilarious I may have almost died from excessive laughter. My cheeks ached from all my foolish grinning throughout the whole book. Bliss was super cool, very talented and just one endearing character I greatly had the pleasure of getting to know. She was a wonderful friend, knew how to have a good time and was just one amazing, friendly girl. There really isn’t anything that could possibly make me dislike the girl. (well, except for the fact that she has Garrick.. *grumbles*)"I'm in love with this burrito. I would marry it if I didn't want to eat it so badly."Garrick. *cue sighing and swooning please* Now Garrick was a whole other story. He was the perfect, wrapped up in goodness type of package. That sexy, delectable, can-I-please-have-him, British man was downright yummy. Not only was he straight up sexified, he was smart and funny and independent and cute and gorgeous and drool-worthy. Did I mention he was hot? Yep, he sure was. Best thing about him? He was caring, he was a one hundred percent gentleman even when you didn’t want him to be! He was not afraid to say what was on his mind and he had confidence and swagger like no other. I think Garrick can be loved by all because of his amazing personality and how he can get along with just about anybody. His sex-appeal was off the charts and by god, if that accent of his didn't make me fall head over heels, then I don’t know what did! "I'm trying to give you what you want. It's hard when I let myself go, when I kiss you how I want to. Because all I can think about then is how your skin tastes, and how much I want to taste it again."The sexual tension piling up between these two was electrifying, explosive, and basically like the cereal: snap, crackle and pop! LOSING IT, you really should tell Cora Carmack that she did more than a fine job of developing these two character’s relationship and giving me exactly what I wanted out of them and more! They weren’t just sweet, but pinch-cheeks adorable. It was very obvious how much passion and fun Carmack had when creating you and this was all portrayed through her writing because I had the best time reading you, LOSING IT, even if I didn’t get a wink of sleep. You were the icing to my cake and the cherry on top of my sundae; basically perfection in its sheerest form and I love you so damn much I could kiss you if you had lips! You were more than just a story about a girl wanting to lose her virginity. You were a story about love, believing in that love, fighting for that love, chasing after your dreams, and giving it your best. I revel in the joy and happiness you have given me and I’m sure it will take a lot for another story to come as close to you.So, my dear friend, LOSING IT, you were one intense tension of sexy, funny, and awkward that I lovelovelove to bits and pieces times infinity a million. Please tell Cora Carmack that she has made me a fan of her work for life and I simply cannot sit around waiting for what’s next to come! 
Forever yours truly,Jessirae xxP.S. This is reason number 8646393 on why I heart you bunches of oats.."Are you going to me put me in your phone under some secret code name so that no one knows who I am when I text you dirty thing?"My eyes widened. "Are you planning to text me dirty things?"His eyes danced with amusement and that blinding grin was back on his face. "I'm not ruling it out." More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books