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Wounded - Jasinda Wilder Wounded turned out to be a book that totally blew me away and became one of my all times favorites, slowly but surely. This book dominated my very being; doubting the beginning, ravishing the ending, I did not want this book to end at all! I ached for Rania and the horrible circumstances she was dealt with. She was orphaned at a young age and ended up caring for herself. It was only a matter of time and desperation before she resorted to other methods of survival. The war may have made Rania struggle for years, but she never broke down. She continued to fight and survive even as her spirit and faith dwindled down to mere nothingness. She was disgusted with herself and the soldiers all around her, but she had no choice when it came to her survival and her will to live. She was scared, but brave and determined to survive at all costs. I loved that Rania learned to embrace herself, to gain confidence and learned to love and be loved for the first time.Hunter was brave, loyal, and honorable. He knew what tragedy was and what it felt like to lose everything before he joined the Marines. What I loved about Hunter was the way he didn’t judge Rania. He saw more to her than just her job and dug deep to find the real Rania underneath the facade she put on. He wanted to make her feel loved and to show her how to be taken care. Hunter was a very compassionate person; so kind and gentle. He was the type of person who loved strongly, who had lost so much, but was willing to give love unconditionally. For someone who was so brave, so courageous and tough was a person with a tender heart, a gentle soul, and someone who cared enough to sacrifice everything. I loved Hunter in so many ways, I can’t not even begin or end to describe how truly extraordinary he was. Rania and Hunter came together and formed a bond. Rania took care of Hunter and opened up to him while Hunter had this need to protect Rania in a way no one else could. It was just so cute how they tried to communicate with each other despite the language barrier. Their love was a blooming discovery and very exploratory in the sense that both of them were new to each other in so many ways. They had a slow, tentative, but sensual relationship I enjoyed reading.The harsh reality of war was portrayed with great detail. Jasinda Wilder does an amazing job at depicting the brutality and cruelty of war. She doesn’t hesitate to explore such a fragile and despairing environment. I admit that sometimes the vividness of these descriptions were a little too much where I wanted to pull away, but it was also why I couldn’t stop from reading more. My skin crawled and it was hard to swallow, but the book was gripping, wringing me raw and taking every thing I had. Wilder’s writing was sensuous and authentic. I actually felt like I was placed within this book, living and breathing this life with Rania and Hunter. Wilder’s writing was captivating and too powerful to break away from and I sincerely loved every single moment, good and bad. 

Overall, Wounded was breathtaking and a book that rocked me bone deep. I loved it!More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books