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Waterfall (Dragon's Fate, #1) - Lacy Danes Waterfall by Lacy Danes mixes in betrayal, lust, destiny, and dragon lore that is enticing and magical. 

Jordan and his brothers who like him, are Zir, dragons with elemental powers. For as long as they know, they been searching for their mates. Finding their mates is the answer to figuring out their Zir origins on how they came to be. 

In this novella, the main focus is on one of the brothers who actually finds his mate by either accident, destiny or pure luck. Jordan was mysteriously sexy in a very quiet way. He was intelligent and cared for human life. I loved his devotion to Celeste and how he’d risk everything just to be with her. Even though he knew they were meant to be together, he never forced her. He made sure she understood what was going on. 

Celeste, though naive and innocent in more ways than one, I was astounded by her courage and the sacrifices she made. She handled everything very well. I enjoyed seeing her accept her newfound life and her relationship with Jordan. I also liked how she cared about marrying for love instead of power and prestige. Her connection with Jordan was inevitable, undeniable and sparkling. Their physical attraction was steamy and oozed all kinds of chemistry. It was sudden, but the events of the book gave way for their relationship to grow deeper with time. 

Lacy Danes writing is sophisticated and beautiful. It’s perfect for the setting of this novel. She really gives it a dark, dangerous, and mysterious feel. I enjoyed learning about the the Zir’s powers and a little of their origins. Danes gives just enough to interest, but she hides plenty to keep you wanting to discover more. I must admit I had trouble getting into the book at first because of the old language, but as I dived deeper into the story, it got easier and easier. The pacing Danes set was just right. It was short and to the point with plenty of action. The sexy scenes are not graphic nor offensive. It’s just right for the feel of the story and for Jordan and Celeste’s characters. 

Overall, Waterfall was a great novella! I’m looking forward to more of Jordan and Celeste and especially the rest of the Zir brothers. 

If you’re looking for a short, sexy, and suspenseful read, Waterfall has it.More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books