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So I'm a Double Threat  - Julie Prestsater Megan Miller is super excited to start her freshman year with her friends at Carver High School, but she’s even more excited to snag the guy of her dreams, Alex Aguilar. As she gears up for the new school year, Megan and her friends can’t help want to have a little fun. No one suspects this group of girls to be more than innocent because they all have good grades and they’re all enrolled into the honor classes. Megan thought freshman year of high school would be a breeze, but it’s nothing of the sort. When friendship and lovers collide, everything is at stake, including Megan’s relationship with Alex. High school is not what it’s cut out to be for Megan even if she is a Double Threat. Nonetheless, she’s enjoying the ride, going to parties and meeting new friends. If Megan plays her cards right, she may catch Alex’s eye this time, if someone else hasn’t already. 

I was truly surprised with the outcome of So I’m A Double Threat. I didn’t expect to be consumed by such a story and I love what Julie Prestsater did. I do admit that at first I had trouble getting into the story because it’s been such a long time since I thought about high school. It’s not something I want to relive or go back to despite the good and the bad times alike. However, So I’m A Double Threat reminded me of those years in a good way. Once I got over my apprehensions, I was able to enjoy Meg’s story through and through. 

Julie Prestater does such an amazing job of capturing the high school life. She really portrays the life of a high school teenager perfectly. The anticipation of the first day of school, excitement of meeting new people, the thrill of wanting a boy to like you, the popularity, the cliques, the friendships, the parties, the betrayals, the backstabbing, the heartbreak, the intrigue and gossips are all present in this story and make it oh so real. It really brought me back to those years of high school. It made me miss the freedom that Meg and her friends felt. It made me miss being young and being able to do what I want without so much responsibility and stress. It was slightly nostalgic, but really uplifting.

I really enjoyed getting to know Megan. I didn’t like her at first because I couldn’t really connect to her, but the more I read, the more I warmed and opened up to her. She was fun and quirky. She was smart and cool and she really made me laugh with her endless string of jokes and sarcasm and the spunk she always had even when she was down. She totally reminded me of what it was like to be her age. I loved that she cared about her grades and schoolwork, but still was able to balance having fun with her friends and going out to the different parties while being somewhat responsible. I love how she seemed perfect, but was still able to make mistakes. She was strong, but had this vulnerability that I loved. I especially loved the moments when Megan’s imagination ran away from her. When she got carried away with her day dreams, there was no denying how fun and real she was. I really liked reading how Megan grew up and mature during her freshman year in high school. I thought she really came into herself and with everything that happened to her, I thought she handled everything with such grace.I absolutely loved Megan and Alex’s relationship. I could completely relate to Megan’s crush on Alex because I have been through that as well. I liked how Megan and Alex handled their situation with maturity. I loved how they kept being friends, but at the same time I was so frustrated because I just wanted them to be together already! They were so cute and perfect for each other. I thought that they really fit despite the age difference. I really fell for Alex. He’s such a sweetheart and I loved how he cared so much for Megan. He was so protective of her. He definitely became a best friend that Megan could always have. I can see why it was easy for Megan to talk to Alex about anything despite her intense feelings for him. They make a good match and there was no way I couldn’t help but root for the both of them. 

All the secondary characters were cool too. I love how Megan had such a good relationship with all her friends. I loved their dynamic and how strong all of them seemed while still having that innocence about the world. They all made an awesome bunch and it was super fun to read their banter and interactions with one another. They made me smile more than once. I really felt like I was a part of their group too. I loved how Julie was able to make me have a love and hate relationship with Eric and Ben. I loved both of them equally, but some of their actions completely angered me. I was surprised at how affected I was with what was going on with these characters. I really came to love them all and I was sad to see it all come to an end when I finished the book. 

I loved getting swept up in all the drama! It really felt like I was living and experiencing it all with Megan. I felt her happiness, her anger and her pain. Julie made So I’m a Double Threat completely relatable! She brings in real life problems in the story that deal with love, friendship, sex, alcohol and drug consumption that should definitely be addressed during a teenager’s time in high school. She weaves these aspects into the story with subtly that make the readers learn ways in which to handle such topics/situations when one is faced with such a thing. I liked how she added that into the story to give it much more depth.

Overall, So I’m A Double Threat was a quick and fun read. It brings back some memories from the past and will definitely having you wished to redo it all over again. You really get sucked into the story and journey of Megan’s first year in high school that by the end, you wished there was more!

4 out of 5 stars *Thanks to Roxanne from Bewitching Book Tours and Julie for providing a review copy. In no way do they influence my opinion/review of this book. It is solely my own.More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books