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No Strings Attached - Nicolette Day Brazen Ever After novellas are complete teases, I swear! I can’t seem to get enough and this goes for No Strings Attached. I devoured this gem in less than two hours, trying my hardest to make it last forever to no avail. It was just too good to put down. 

Hayden was freaking awesome! Right in the beginning she was just so funny and down to earth. She was just a normal young woman who wasn’t too wild or even boring, but hard working and finally going after her dreams. She was finally doing something she has always wanted to do and I totally enjoyed that she stepped out a little on her last night at home. Hayden gets her one night and while she does, things go past her boundaries and reservations. I liked that Hayden never became someone else but herself. She didn’t let herself be held back from what she really wanted. 

Jace was the sweetest, sexiest, most alluring best friend ever! I totally loved that he was so protective of Hayden. It wasn’t hard to love Jace at all. First, he owned a club, had spiky hair, had tattoos, knew how to serve drinks, and was a good friend and even better lover. You can’t ask for a better man. I’d let him lick my thigh any day. I was so giddy that he finally took action with Hayden. I was just melting all over the place every time he talked about how much he loved Hayden and how much he wanted to be with her. I think I need to trade places with Hayden because Jace was just dreamy. I sure would not hesitate to jump Jace’s bones, especially if I was locked in a storage room with him. (wink wink)

This novella was really short and Day hits all the right points. What I love the best about No Strings Attached besides the hot steamy scenes that Day built up, was the well developed characters of Hayden and Jace and the relationship they had. I really got to appreciate the friendship that was already established and the love that was deeply rooted between the two. I believed it and I felt it and couldn’t help but root for these two. It was sweet and so heartwarming, I didn’t stop myself from hugging this book real close when I finished. 

Keep them coming Nicolette Day, because I’m barely getting started! More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books