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His Risk to Take (Line of Duty, #2)

His Risk to Take (Line of Duty, #2) - Tessa Bailey I knew it! I absolutely knew that Tessa Bailey could blow me away again with her new book, His Risk to Take! It’s a short and quick read, but has solidified the fact that Bailey has become a favorite of mine! His Risk to Take is yummy, dangerous and straight up over 100 degrees celsius HOT.I have one question for Troy and that’s, can I be his risk to take? Because dear god, there is nothing hotter than a dirty talkin‘ sex machine Detective like Troy Bennett! 
You would have never thought twice because Troy came off as quiet and reserved, but get him in the bedroom and clothes start flying. Troy’s a man who is so manly he’ll melt your panties off with one look. Troy was the type of man to make you want to be in his jeans as soon as humanly possible. Not only that, Troy’s dominating, protective and oh so loving, Ruby wasn’t the only one falling. I want one, please and thank you. I freaking loved Ruby! She was fire and ice and everything nice. The fact that she can play pool better than any guy I know and can talk right back to a man without hesitation is what I call a kick ass, fierce as hell chick. I wanted to embody her, not just to get in Troy’s pants mind you, but to have the confidence and recklessness she carried with her. Ruby was a survivor and even though she could get herself into some sketchy stuff, she has her own back and can handle herself. I not only loved her snark, but her whole straightforward attitude as well. I am at Tessa Bailey’s mercy, because wow, she has some serious totally impressive talent for writing passionate, intense, and lusty love romance like no other. This book is just sexy romance at its finest and one I call pure excellence. What’s even better is that she mixes in this explosive seduction with hustling, gambling and suspenseful danger that had me bouncing on my toes with excitement. I want to live in Bailey’s mind because daaaamn, I can’t get enough of her writing, ever. 

This book may be short, but it’s packed with lip licking sex scenes, endless wit and intense drama to entice just about everyone!More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books