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Chantress - Amy Butler Greenfield Chantress by Amy Butler Greenfield had a very interesting and enthralling idea of singing, magic, power and history. Set in the fifteen century London, was a story about a young girl finding out the truth of her background, the power she wielded, and defeating a man who is feared by the whole city. With a beautiful cover and even more eloquent premise, Chantress will definitely charm you from the inside out. 
You’re thinking another typical girl finding out her true identity type of story, right? Well, it was so much more than that. Fifteen year old Lucy was a curious young girl, questioning why she couldn’t sing and why she would be in danger if she did. She was naive from being away from the city and stuck on a remote island, but she was a quick learner, determined, and very hard-working. She meets people that help her, listens to their dismay, and she rises up to help in anyway she could despite her fear and her lack of experience as a Chantress. Lucy battles with a lot of inner turmoil from fear that she cannot perform her magic, to failing the people, and to succumbing to the Shadowgrims. She was a brave girl and very admirable. 

The romance of the story is very little, but I believe it could have more potential in the next books to come. At first, I didn’t like Nat very much maybe because he was cold, harsh and unfriendly. However, I grew to like him towards the end, especially in his belief that Lucy was a strong Chantress despite his reservations about magic. I have big hopes for Lucy and Nat in the future. They are a great pair.The best of this book was the writing. I was absolutely enchanted by Greenfield’s style and the voice she created for Lucy. Greenfield’s writing was clean and articulate and made me feel like I was living in this time period. I also really enjoyed the concept of this book. I’ve read a few books that deal with magic, but Chantress had a unique touch. I enjoyed learning about the singing magic and the history of the Chantresses. I found myself immersed and completely fascinated by the background story. Even though I was creeped out by the scary magic altered ravens, called Shadowgrims, the fear in which Greenfield wanted to invoke from those creatures was ever present. Those birds just made my skin crawl. And the way that Greenfield tied actual history, Chantress history along with her own additions and changes were well balanced and gave the perfect touch of realism I needed in this fantasy novel. Although slow paced at some points, Chantress is not without intrigue, darkness, and adventure. Greenfield doesn’t disappoint and kept me engaged throughout the book. I most certainly cannot wait for the next installment. 

Historical fantasy lovers can add this one to their to read list right about now!
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