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Femme Fatale - Cindy Dees Femme Fatale was such a delight to read because it was both really sexy and totally fun. Whatever Cindy Dees is doing, she’s doing it right because I am so hooked!It’s not everyday you get to read a book where it centers around a rising movie star and a Marine brought together on set under certain circumstances. In Femme Fatale, Dees really brings out the best of these characters and completely dives into the everyday workings of a movie set, the issues of being a Marine, and the choice between career or love. Olivia was funny, fierce and so ready to be the next Hollywood badass chick. I really liked her because she was bold, but sweet and just a genuinely kind and thoughtful character. She got alone great with nearly everyone in the book, she was driven in her career, and although she sometimes didn’t have 100% confidence, it didn’t show. She went after what she thought she wanted with few hesitations and she didn’t think twice to help out or sacrifice her image when someone needed her help. Can we not even get started on Major Blake?! At times tough and oh so serious, I cannot deny that Blake was majorly sexy. Previously burned, betrayed and let down by a beautiful woman, Blake is very wary and cautious when it comes to putting his heart on the line, but even he couldn’t resist Olivia’s charm! I loved Blake because he was a freaking sweetheart! He was a gentleman with a protective nature he couldn’t shake. Most of all, he was a man who was looking for more in a relationship and who can actually keep it his goddamn pants! Sure, Blake was honorable and noble as they come, but daaaaamn was he a freak in the sheets! Hello instant chemistry and attraction! Olivia and Blake were freaking burning up, burning up for me, baby. Both flirt back and forth with some sexual jokes and innuendos and then when they are together, someone has to ask “did it get hot in here?” Because you can bet it sure does! Cindy Dees did a wonderful job with this book. It definitely stands out among the Brazen books because of the idea and the characters. Her writing catches fire and it flows very nicely until the end. If she had a great time writing it, I had an amazing time reading it.More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books