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Private Practice - Samanthe Beck You know when you love something so much you want to always be around it? Well, I felt this way with Private Practice by Samanthe Beck the second I finished it. The whole book was lovely, charming, and alluring. Short and sweet, I relished the story within Private Practice and loved every waking moment I spent with this book.

Intelligent, inexperienced and one research-everything fanatic, Ellie, was a total sweetheart. When this girl put her mind into something, she didn’t hold back or let anything stop her! She was determined to win over the guy she had been pining for and she was willing to do everything and anything. Ellie was brave girl for stepping up and asking help from Tyler in her not so much experience in the sex department. I found her to be slightly awkward, but cute as a freaking button. Her smart talk and critical thinking skills were completely endearing, which also made her a unique and refreshing character. I loved that Ellie was passionate about her work and cared for her father even when he didn’t appreciate her. I especially loved Ellie’s crazy driving and her inability at avoiding the most awkward and embarrassing encounters!
Tyler was the old high school bad boy that the town could never get enough of. He totally exuded sex-me-up all the way, but in reality, Tyler was a really great guy. He thought about others and he cared deeply and had a great sense of loyalty towards his friends. He was very serious about his construction business and not only was he responsible, but reliable too. He really helped Ellie and made her realize and feel that she really was sexy, in and out. I loved that Tyler had a protective nature and that he liked to be in control, but he wasn’t controlling or demanding in an aggressive way. I thought he was a Renaissance man; good at nearly everything he put his mind to, not perfect, but still amazing.I adored the storyline of Private Practice! Having Tyler help Ellie be wilder in bed with all those references to Ellie’s chapters was just hilarious. I really enjoyed both of them coming together, (no pun intended) getting to know one another physically and emotionally, and seeing that each of them were not who they originally thought. I thought Samanthe Beck made Ellie and Tyler have different personas, but deep inside both of them they were the same. This made their connection undeniably strong and I really felt how much understanding and appreciation was between Ellie and Tyler’s relationship. They just get each other and this made me get them and I loved this dynamic that Beck brought to life. While I can say that Private Practice was predictable and proved all my theories to be correct in the end, there was no way I could have loved this book any less because it just straight up entertained me to no end. It was cute, funny, a very quick and fact-paced read, just the way I like ‘em. 

Overall, Private Practice was brilliantly crafted! If I can have a good time while reading a book and wish for more while still leaving me satisfied, I know... it’s a keeper.More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books