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Wicked Kiss - Michelle Rowen Wicked Kiss was definitely better than its predecessor in many aspects and I completely enjoyed what Michelle Rowen created in this book. 

I liked Samantha in Dark Kiss, but here in Wicked Kiss I just completely fell in love with her and the growth she showed. She was spunkier and more determined than ever. She wasn’t a helpless gray, but a girl fighting hard against the temptation of her hunger to feed. Though Samantha struggled and would break in momentary times of weakness, I never blamed her, but was in awe of her strength and restraint. She continued to try, to keep herself from losing control and still kept her good heart at front. While reading Wicked Kiss, I found Sam to be much more brave and courageous, and ultimately self-sacrificing. Sam really impressed me with her unpredictably, the decisions and actions she made and her ability to see the good in everyone and give them the benefit of the doubt. Sam doesn’t let anyone step all over her just because she was a gray. Despite the flaws Sam may have had back then and even now, she was a great heroine. 

This time around I felt more depth in the relationship and dynamic that was going on between Samantha and Bishop since the first book. I think I was able to understand their connection and feelings for one another way more. It really helped that a lot of Bishop’s past was brought forth and weaved into Wicked Kiss. This allowed me to sympathize with Bishop more and allowed me to really see the change he has made from his past. I liked that even though Sam and Bishop never vocalized their feelings for one another, I still saw and felt their love through their interactions.A lot went on in Wicked Kiss, one problem after the other, making this book an exciting and action packed read. I love the addition of Cassandra’s character and how she played a vital role in the story. I enjoyed seeing more of sexy arrogant Kraven because he gave the book humor and relief from all the tension. My favorite addition to this book was Jordan’s character. I hated Jordan in Dark Kiss and this time around she really redeemed herself and surprised me with her character turn around. Even more so, I love that Rowen answered so many of the questions I had from the first book. Any loose end was tied satisfactorily. I wanted answers and I got them. I wanted more insight and I was given them. I wanted a suspenseful and gripping sequel and Michelle Rowen delivered! 

Fast paced, full of revelations, and wittier than before, I’m hoping Wicked Kiss is not the last time I’ll be seeing Sam, Bishop and especially Kraven!More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books