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Jet (Marked Men, #2) - Jay Crownover I totally love it when I know that a book is going to be amazing before I even open it up and then have it exceed all my expectations by the end. That is what happened when I read Jet by Jay Crownover. Ayden was an awesome character. She showed so much confidence, was calm and cool even during situations that put her at odds with what she was truly feeling. I loved her carefree, but also careful vibe. I was digging her style and how she was fun and respected herself. I liked that being around Jet unsettled her and made her feel things. I was always waiting for her to give herself a little free rein from trying to be a good girl and just embrace her old and new side and smash them together like she should’ve done. I have to admit that Ayden did frustrate me with her reasons for staying away from Jet and for not being able to see a forever with him. I understood her fear and hesitation from her messed up past, but it drove me crazy! However, Ayden was brave, smart, and completely sexy in her shoes and I loved her even if I wanted to shake her.Leather jacket, tight pants, piercings, tattoos, heavy metal and rock and roll equals Jet Keller. What’s not to love, right? Jet was freaking sex on legs and I couldn’t get enough of him. I had no doubts that I would love this man, but I never knew that I could love him more than I ever could when reading all about him. Jet was a private, quiet and brooding man. He described himself as fire waiting to burst and he was just that. Fire, heat, explosive, but mesmerizing and beautiful. He had such a big heart and so much love for his friends, for his mom, and for Ayden. And Jet was super talented. He could play guitar, sing, write songs, and has a great ear for good music and people who could play good music. And the thing about Jet was that he was able to hypnotize people on and off stage and now even on page. I love Jay Crownover’s writing because she brings the characters she creates to life and she easily makes you fall in love with the love that surrounds them. Crownover fleshes out Jet and Ayden’s characters where I was able to really get to know them, to feel them and to sympathize with their situations. I liked that their relationship started off at a tentative, fragile and undefinable state and moved into something deep, where Jet and Ayden were finally able to open up and give each other a real chance. Even better was the amazing chemistry, the sexual tension and the too hot for words steamy scenes that continue to leave me a breathless every time. And Crownover truly brings out all the feels! Overall, Jet seriously hit all the spots. The characters were incredible, the passion was undeniable, and the whole story was delicious. More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books