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Breaking Waves - Danielle Sibarium Danielle Sibarium has done it again and swept me off my feet! I have to say that Breaking Waves lived up to everything I wanted it to be. I loved Heart Waves, but I absolutely loved and adored Breaking Waves. It was better, bolder, and packed with intense array of emotions.I’ve always loved Danielle’s writing. Each book she writes she manages to grip me from the beginning and Breaking Waves was no exception. While Danielle gives us an even more developed character in Jenna, she gave us more with the prominent presence of Tyler. Not only that, Danielle dives deep and evokes many feelings and emotions that really tug at the heart and soul. Danielle added the perfect amount of twists and she does a great job of dancing around what was going on, letting you get a little information to keep you hooked for more. She definitely brings in the heartache, the sadness, the sexy, the funny, and the swoon-worthy moments. Jenna goes through a tough and devastating time in Breaking Waves. The fear, anguish, and depression she felt was like my own and I really ached for her. Although Jenna was in so much pain, I thought she did a good job of trying to pick herself up even when she felt like she couldn’t move on or when she thought she was losing all hope. I empathized with Jenna greatly and I thought that everyone around her just didn’t understand what she was going through. I hated that some of her friends and her parents kept pushing her to deal with it when these sort of things took time. I liked that Jenna did her own thing and didn’t rush into anything. Jenna was determined to find out what was really going on and that’s where I admired Jenna the most because even with the grief, she still found a way to go beyond that without the pressure of others. I think Jenna really grew, learned, and opened up more in Breaking Waves. She’s slowly evolving into a stronger, more independent, and level-headed woman. 
While I do love Reece with my whole entire being, he did not shine in this book the way Tyler did. We are introduced to Tyler briefly at the end of Heart Waves, but don’t get to know him until this book. In Breaking Waves, we get a chance to see a whole different side to this bad boy. Tyler was definitely hard-headed, obnoxious, rude, and sometimes a complete asshole. He had the worst mood swings compared to myself on PMS. But even then, Tyler had this loving, caring, sweet and vulnerable side I fell for. Sure, he had anger issues, but he was so fierce, loyal, and very protective of not only Jenna, but Reece as well. He was slightly broken and misunderstood and really, you just want to give him a hug. Tyler really helps Jenna heal and move past her struggles and for this, my cold heart melted for him instantly. Not only did he make Jenna laugh, but he also made me laugh with all their funny moments and witty comebacks. Tyler messed with my head and my heart. It’s an understatement to say I’m truly conflicted. He was infuriatingly sexy in that I-want-to-hit-him-and-kiss-him-all-at-once kind of way. Reece fans will definitely have to chase after their hearts when they meet Tyler.I always forget how much I miss certain characters in a book until I get a chance to be back with them and this was how I felt when I read Breaking Waves. It was a mixture of familiarity and newness all wrapped in one book filled with danger, mystery, drama and a whole lot of tension. There is still so much I want to know and figure out and for the life of me, book three cannot come out soon enough. Overall, I freaking loved Breaking Waves! Danielle Sibarium did not disappoint me one bit! More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books