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The Goddess Inheritance - Aimee Carter For the past two or more years, Aimee Carter has enamored me with every Goddess Test book she creates, each one getting better and better as the story goes on. Like all good and great things, sometimes it just has to end. While I grieve and rejoice this last book, The Goddess Inheritance, I weep not only for an incredible story reaching its term, but for every single character I have come to love and hate. In this very last book, Carter gives us the epic ending we have all been waiting. It’s dramatic, compelling, and bittersweet to the very end. Aimee Carter starts off The Goddess Inheritance with a bang. Right away, we are back front and center into the action with Kate. In this last installment, the stakes are higher, the whole fate of humanity is at risk, and most importantly, Kate and Henry’s family are in perpetual danger. Cronus continues to wreak havoc and Calliope won’t stop making Kate’s life a living hell. When it all comes down to a raging war, death is inevitable and Carter makes sure we know this.Kate really grows into her role of being a goddess even when she was still inexperienced. Despite this, Kate was much stronger, fiercer, stepped up and took initiative. Kate was determined as ever to save not only Henry and their baby, but her whole family and even the world. Again, we see how truly selfless Kate was; continuing to put others before herself numerous times. Though sometimes the decisions she made backfired along the way, Kate kept trying, never gave up, and learned from her mistakes. Tougher and wiser, Kate pushed all her limits to get to where she was now and in this final book she shined brighter than before. Henry will always be my favorite and though he frustrates me to no end, I love his devotion, dedication and the love and care he deeply felt for Kate. He continuously protects her; putting himself in harms way and sacrificing just as much as Kate does. There was no more doubt how strong and deep their relationship ran. It was much more stable and solid without the issue of trust. Henry and Kate belong together and they knew that and they made sure nothing and no one would come between them. My heart simultaneously ached and swelled with love for the both of them.Like with the last two novels, Carter never ceases to amaze me with the world she has created within this series. She really took Greek mythology and twisted into her own masterpiece and her ability to enrapture doesn’t fail in The Goddess Inheritance. Carter definitely weaves in shocking revelations, never-ending betrayals and ultimate sacrifices that make this book heart-stoppingly good. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the ending to this one-of-a-kind series and Carter doesn’t just deliver, but she brings it home. It was everything I longed for and much much more. Overall, The Goddess Inheritance was a spectacular end to one of my beloved and favorites series of all time. Though this may be the end, I will never truly say goodbye.More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books