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Vengeance Bound - Justina Ireland Vengeance Bound by Justina Ireland takes you through the eyes of a young girl seeking revenge on all the wrong doings bestowed upon her. Original, gripping, and with a wonderful moral behind the story, this book was a delightful treat of greek mythology, death, and difficult choices. 
Vengeance Bound had an excellent opening. Right away, there was action and suspense. I was curious and compelled to keep on reading to find out more. For me, this beginning kept me riveted to the story. I adore any form of Greek mythology and I appreciate Justina Ireland’s original and refreshing take on the Furies. I loved learning all about Tisiphone and Megaera and all their evil, relentless bloodlust. Their manifestation, unearthly beauty, and viciousness was half part fascinating and half part sickening. Ireland really brings the Furies to life so much so where I was able to feel their hold on Cory like they had a hold on me. These Furies were full of strength, without human compassion, and had no mercy. They were pretty cool, if I’m being fairly honest. I thought Cory was a badass. For years, she’s been with Furies, resisting and giving into their wishes. Though wrong on many levels, the Furies do make Cory stronger, tougher, and feared by others. Sometimes Cory gets so sick of dealing justices and sometimes she craves them more than anything. This is what made me admire Cory because she was imperfect and hanging by a thread, but she tried so hard to grasp on to her humanity, her compassion and her capability to love. She keeps on trying to hang on to some semblance of balance and hoping to not lose herself to the Furies. Cory struggles throughout the book, giving in at her weakest, but doesn’t give up and continues to fight against the Furies, against her inner demons, and her fears.
The romance, in a nut shell, was too fast, too weird, and unbelievable. I liked Niko enough because he was mysterious, but I just didn’t know him because he was too elusive and too aloof. He didn't really have enough page time to have any development. He had some shining moments here and there, but his character only reaches the surface and never breaks through. I can understand the attraction between Niko and Cory, but not their instant love connection after having 2-4 decent conversations. I saw their love, but I could not feel it. 

All in all, I enjoyed what Ireland created in Vengeance Bound. It was interesting and kept my attention until the end. The action scenes definitely had me reeling and wanting more. The idea of this twisted vigilante scheme and taking vengeance to its breaking point was surely exciting.3.5More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books