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Freeing Carter - Nyrae Dawn Nyrae Dawn has done it again! She never ceases to amaze and astound me with her beautiful and mesmerizing writing, her ability to enchant with any story, and the way she can move me with every character she creates. Freeing Carter was just so intense with heavy issues, drama, and heartache. Everything in this book just really pulls at all the heart strings and the whole story really stays with you. What I loved about this book was how real, raw and true it was. Nyrae Dawn just tells it straight, she doesn’t sugar-coat Carter’s issues and she really brings out the best and worst when facing such serious topics. Carter was a remarkable character. My heart shattered piece by piece having to read all that he goes through. In the beginning, Carter kept a wall up to ward people off from his imperfections and problems at home. For a long time he’s been struggling to save face and to keep up pretenses and hide away the secrets that seem to tear him down nearly everyday. Carter also struggles with guilt for being angry at his mother for drinking her pain away. Even though he feels this way, Carter was a great son and brother. He has so much on his plate, but he still manages to think of his mother and sister first, putting their care above all else. Because of this, I saw Carter as a person who is caring and unselfish. He’s cocky sometimes, but he’s so sweet. He’s a great guy at heart despite all the demons he faces every single day. I found him to be truly strong and brave, especially when he decided to do the right thing in the end. When he meets Kira, bits and pieces of my broken heart were put back together. I was so glad that Carter found someone to confide in; someone that he can let in through all his barriers. Kira was a different girl, someone Carter has never encountered before. She’s cool and spunky and she seems to really get Carter. Most of all, she sees through his facade of perfection to the real Carter behind it all. And Carter is really drawn to this eccentric girl. He’s intrigued and fascinated all the same. I loved watching them fall in love because I could see how good Kira was for Carter and vice versa. I see how free-spirited Kira was and how she didn’t care what anyone thought of her. I was glad that Carter was the same way, loving Kira no matter what his classmates said. I was absolutely taken with their relationship. They were such an unforgettable couple.The ending of the book was probably my very favorite part because it was a realistic ending that rang true to the story and the characters and it ended on a note of happiness, change and hope for the future to come. 
Overall, Freeing Carter was just plain beautiful. More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books