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Intangible - J. Meyers Intangible by J. Meyers was such a different paranormal read for me, one I enjoyed completely. I was surprised with the originality of the storyline, the uniqueness of the characters and the overall creative development brought into the book.
 J. Meyers really captured me with the flow and ease in which she wrote Intangible. Every word and page grabbed me and sucked me into the story. I was continuously impressed and overjoyed at how much I came to love this book. The pacing was entirely perfect, not slow but certainly not overwhelmingly quick. The scenes were descriptive and at times illustratively vivid in my mind. The world in which the characters came from was well developed and detailed, something I always look for in a book. 
The whole book is centered around a prophecy for the twins, Luke and Sera. This prophecy is unknown to the reader and to the twins. Throughout the book, Luke and Sera slowly uncover where their powers come from and what their role is as Gifteds and their place in the Realm. I loved discovering the truths along with Luke and Sera. I loved the shocking plot twists and the tense-filled moments. I never knew what was coming up next and I always struggled to figure out the true intentions of some characters until the last minute. It was exciting, unpredictable and one pleasurable read.
Intangible was split into multiple POVs of different characters in the book. At first, this kept me a little disoriented and slightly confused, but soon enough I was able to distinguish which character I was reading about without so much difficulty. I loved both Luke and Sera together and individually. I loved their relationship and seeing how close they were as siblings but also as friends and as partners. They have this closeness and unique bond that no one can break. Their team work and overall dynamic continued to surprised me and left me awestruck. Luke is a Seer. He has visions that sometimes in pieces or complete. He’s very protective of Sera. He’s funny and witty and quite the charmer. He made me laugh every time he came up with comeback remark. Sera is a Healer. She touches people and lets this warmth and light flow through them. She’s kind, thoughtful and she has a tender heart coupled with an outrageous fire spirit and immense strength and toughness. She’s selfless, brave and loves her brother fiercely. 
I love how Intangible was full of different paranormal characters and how each one was developed well without spoiling too much. There are vampires, elves, a mind reader, shadow creatures and other Gifteds that are still unknown to Luke and Sera. I really enjoyed being able to get into the head of Jonas, who is a vampire. He’s so mysterious and he gives off this dangerous and and full of trouble vibe. He was quite alluring and captivating and I immediately fell in love with him. He’s super strong physically and mentally, but he has this soft side where he values human life and saving innocent people. He’s sometimes distant and cold, but he’s totally kindhearted. Marc can tap into the minds of people around him. He’s handsome, troubled and a little broken. He feels this instant connection to Luke and Sera. I liked Marc because he was sweet and I felt his overall actions redeemed the darkness in him. Fey is beautiful and protective of both Luke and Sera. She’s Sera’s best friend and she kind of has this connection with Luke that I can see progressing further into the sequel. She’s pretty kick-butt and I love J. Meyers totally gave her this mysterious vibe, hiding her true identity until the right moment. And then Lilith is so terrifyingly beautiful. She’s creepy scary, ruthless, grotesque and she completely makes my skin crawl all at once. Lilith was the perfect villain to love and hate at the same time. What I loved was how J. Meyers connected all of these characters to Luke and Sera, weaving their own stories to theirs flawlessly.The build up to the end was satisfying and a perfect way to wrap up the book. J. Meyers wrapped up everything nicely, tying loose ends but still keeping things open for the next books to come. I still have plenty of questions and I would love to learn more about the Realm along with Luke, Sera and Jonas’ background. 

Overall, I found Intangible to be a gripping story from start to finish. It was an entirely compelling story full of never ending action!More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books