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The Goddess Legacy - Aimee Carter The Goddess Legacy was a wonderful addition to The Goddess Test series! I was thrilled that Aimee Carter decided to write these short stories. I was really able to fall more in love with all the amazing characters that Aimee Carter created.I love the characters that Aimee Carter chose to write about and place into this book. What was so great was the fact that I was able to dive deep into the feelings and emotions of these characters. I was able to understand and even sympathize with them. Even better, I really got to know these characters in a new light, understanding why they came to be what they are in The Goddess Test and Goddess Interrupted. Aimee Carter gave them real human emotions and made them into characters that I can relate to. Even though there is more than one POV, Carter wrote each character with a different voice, personality and feel. You really connect with these characters in a specific way and you may even have a change of heart for some.Hera/Calliope’s story was very eye opening. I really got to see how and why she is the way she is. Although I still don’t condone or think what she did to Kate was right, I can understand why Calliope acted the way she did. I really felt her despair, resent, anger, betrayal and loneliness. I like that I got to see a before and after side of her and what really made Calliope lose it. In this story, there is more background with how the council came to be and I enjoyed reading about that. I also got to know more about Zeus/Walter in this story and I totally get why Calliope feels the way she does.Ava/Aphrodite’s story was very heartfelt and happy. I liked her story because I also got to see a new side of her. A side that was vulnerable and loving (in a true way). Ava just wanted to think for herself, make her own decisions and be happy. I loved reading about how she saw the difference between wanting and needing and passion and commitment.Persephone‘ story just made me hate her even more. While Aimee Carter developed her character and story well, I just couldn’t bring myself to feel sorry for her. I found her to be extremely selfish and hurtful. It was pretty painful to read her story because of the pain she put Henry through. However, I did see that she never wanted what was placed before her. Persephone had no choice and while I pitied her because she was unhappy, I was angry because she lacked such immense amount of insensitivity. Like with Calliope, I understood her and I get why she decided to do what she did.James/Hermes’s story was everything I hoped it would be! It was adventurous, full of humor and it was just plain fun. His story was all about finding true love, family and acceptance. He learned about adaptation and humility.And then Henry/Hades. His story really hit home. I never did understand why he loved Persephone, but I really felt all his pain, sadness, sorrow, grief and burden of living an eternity alone. I loved knowing why Henry decided to fade. I enjoyed knowing more about the decision to find him a new queen, seeing him with Ingrid and my most favorite, when he got to see Kate for the very first time. It was so great to read about. Henry is my favorite character and with this short story from him, I loved him even more.Overall, The Goddess Legacy was an amazing read through and through. Fans of The Goddess Test series will rejoice and devour this collection of short stories. It’s a definite must-read!More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books