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If I Can't Have You - Lauren Hammond If I Can’t Have You by Lauren Hammond was such an addicting read from the very start. I must say that the cover drew me to the book originally, but when I read the blurb I was completely hooked. I can never resist two brothers fighting over a girl. There is just something about it that is so forbidden and wrong and just exciting.

In If I Can’t Have You, fifteen year old Robin nearly drowns during her summer vacation in Paradise. Just when she thinks she’s about to die, a handsome lifeguard, Drake, saves her life. From there on, Robin has this infatuation with Drake. Sadly, he only sees her as the fifteen year old she really is. He goes so far as to giving Robin a nickname: “kid.” This does not discourage Robin at all. For the next three years, she puts Drake on a pedestal. In Robin’s eyes, no one can compare to Drake, he is her perfect guy in every way. Now that she’s 16 going on 17, Robin is determined to get Drake’s attention and make him hers before she goes off to college. But one more thing is getting in the way of Robin’s plans; his name is Elliot and he happens to be Drake’s younger brother.

Lauren Hammond really surprised me with this book. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but with what I read, I absolutely loved it. I’ve already said that this book is super addicting. It’s such an easy and quick read that I was able to read this book in one sitting, in less than a day. Lauren managed to have me sucked into this story with Robin and I was more than happy to stay in it forever. It’s set in Paradise, a vacation spot, that Robin goes to every summer. Not only does Lauren make this setting completely visual in my mind’s eye, but she really brought the summer feel into the book. If I Can’t Have You is a perfect read when you’re lounging around near the beach getting a tan. 

I really enjoyed Robin as the main character. She’s sort of keeps to herself, but she’s not a loner and she’s still able to have friends. She’s not the most beautiful girl in the world, but she’s got a good heart. Robin made pretty good decisions throughout the book. She’s smart, thinks things through and she’s pretty level headed. She had her mess ups and mistakes, but that’s only normal. I thought Robin was more realistic because of these qualities. She seemed like just an average girl that anyone can relate to. What I loved was that I really could understand Robin and her infatuation with Drake. It’s only normal at such a young age to see this person as her savior and believe he is all good and honorable. I get why she liked him for so long because I have been through this and I’m sure other readers will say the same too. I also thought that Robin handled certain situations with her head held up high and I was damn proud of her for admitting her mistakes despite the fact that it almost cost her in the end. 

Another shining aspect of this book was the fact that I did not see what was coming with Drake and Elliot. I honestly believed things would go down differently than it did and I was more than surprised by the outcome of the story. I loved the twists that Lauren added. She also does a great job of making the Robertson brothers (Drake and Elliot) different. You can distinguish the brothers a part and I love that both have good and bad qualities that make each realistic. I especially loved all the steamy hot scenes that Lauren really brought into the book. I was swooning and sighing and just wishing I was Robin. 

Overall, If I Can’t Have You was a spectacular read. It’s humorous and filled with passion and sweet sweet romance that I couldn't get enough of. I’m definitely reading more books from Lauren Hammond! 

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