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A Temptation of Angels - Michelle Zink has completely won me over with her latest book, A Temptation of Angels. She brings in this absorbing story of angelic descendants, known as Keepers, who are meant to protect the mortal world all the while weaving in a story filled with excitement, eminent danger, mystery and suspense that kept me on the tip of my toes with every turn of a page.I had high expectations for A Temptation of Angels and Michelle Zink not only met them, but she surpassed them beyond belief. Michelle didn’t disappoint at all. In fact, she impressed me with the overall storyline and her incredible way with words. I’m not very fond of historical fiction, but Michelle has managed to convert me into loving it. Her impeccable, detailed descriptions of London were elegant and exquisite. Her overall writing was beautiful, fluid and smooth. It wasn’t difficult to follow nor understand. Each paragraph, sentence, word and phrase was completely visual and imaginative. I was more than able to see what was described. I felt like I was living in the book rather than just reading it. 

The world that Michelle has built up in A Temptation of Angels is so fascinating and enticing. Each aspect of this world was unique and original from the Keeper’s light jumping, to their weapons, their rules and ways. I couldn’t help but get swept within the streets of London, the features of the Channing home and the gadgets and machinery in Galizur’s office. The very dark parts of this book, with wraiths and demons was another genius addition. It’s no wonder that I was deeply immersed into the book. It was so difficult to pull away and it was even harder to resist this invisible, irresistible force that kept me drawn to the story and the world all around. 

Michelle has done an excellent job of developing her characters and giving them a unique personality and voice, especially Helen. She has become a favorite of mine from the instant she appeared. Helen’s innocence and lack of knowledge about the Keeper world in the beginning was an awakening to her transformation at the end, which was most incredible and admirable. I loved seeing everything through her eyes. She has this way of thinking that I couldn’t help but admire. What I loved most about Helen was her fire spirit. She had this strong fierceness and relentless spunk that made her more real. Even though Helen lost so much, she still held her own. She never gave up. Her intense drive and great sense and ability to turn something and see it differently was amazing. She solves problems through intelligence and skill. She’s crafty, a quick learner and has a will stronger than any I have ever known. Her overall personality is kind-hearted and honorable. She sees the good in everyone while still thinking things through rationally. I couldn’t help but root for Helen’s survival and hope for her ultimate safety and happiness. 

Helen’s connection with Griffin is wonderful. I enjoyed watching their friendship slowly grow into this honest and true romance. Their concern and care for each other left me awestruck and the moments they spent together made my heart skip a beat with longing. I love Griffin’s intelligence, strength and confidence; his bravery and his intense feelings for Helen. I loved how unselfish he was and how he did everything for the people he loved. I enjoyed his relationship and dynamic with his brother, Darius. Griffin is such a sweetheart there is no question my loyalty and love for Griffin go way beyond the mortal and Keeper world alone. It’s not hard to fall in love with Griffin and surely readers will be captivated by him. 

The pacing to A Temptation of Angels was perfect. Each moment had me reeling. I wanted to devour this book at the same time savor it to keep from reaching the end. The action and excitement in the book was never ending. Not a single dull moment in this book was present whatsoever. The plot and build-up are breath-taking and heart stopping. There is no measurement to how much I love this book. 

Overall, A Temptation of Angels is an unforgettable, complex and more than riveting story. It’s about survival, finding one’s destiny, accepting one’s true self, forgiveness and ultimate redemption. 

Michelle Zink has created a smart, sophisticated and cleverly crafted story through and through. This book is truly addicting, unputdownable, and a MUST read. I cannot wait for whatever Michelle Zink has to offer next. 

5 of 5 stars!More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books