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Inbetween - Tara A. Fuller I can’t even begin to describe how Inbetween by Tara Fuller truly swept me off my feet, captured my heart, and seriously made me happy in so many ways. I loved her ability to create a book that easily pulled me in, rooted me into the story and never ever let me go. Tara’s writing was entrancing, rich, and compelling. Everything about this book was incredible!
Reapers has become a new favorite!
I have never read a book about reapers before, so I had no idea what to expect, but Tara really impressed me and she surely surpassed all the expectations that I had. She certainly has made me a new fan of reapers! I couldn’t get enough of learning about the different kinds of reapers: Heaven, Inbetween, Hell. And I certainly loved the aspect of lost souls, the Shadow Land and how souls could get a chance at a new life. All of it was so fascinating to learn about.I couldn’t get enough of Finn and Emma.
Finn definitely holds the key to my heart. He was inviting, sweet, and oozed charisma. He made me want something I knew I could never have. He was everything I could want in a guy and so much more. He was so amazing. A true hero in my eyes. He continued to protected Emma even if it meant breaking the rules. He’s always kind and gentle, caring and oh so loving. 
Emma was a great character as well. She was a fighter all the way. She was troubled, seeing things, feeling things, hearing things and struggling to keep sane but Emma continued to hold on. She was a tough girl, even when she didn’t quite believe it herself. Even through her fear, Emma was determined to figure things out, to keep herself safe and not depend on anyone. The best qualities about her was the fact that she thought of others first, did the right things, was forgiving and understanding. Emma was such a good person in and out.
 Together, these two took my breath away. I love their relationship. With each struggle they went through, I ached for them. I wanted so much for them. They made me feel so much emotions from giddiness to happiness to sadness to heartache and back to sheer joy. They were so cute together. My heart swelled with so much love for them, I couldn’t help but get so attached. I love them. I love them. I love them so much and I don’t think I could ever really express how much.The other characters were amazing as well!
Tara really knows how to write well developed characters. Each character that showed up in Inbetween was memorable and unforgettable from Cash to Easton to Anaya and even Maeve! They all had a special place in my heart and I seriously hope to see more of these characters in the next books to come. 
The ending was perfection.
I have never felt so good after reading a book. I didn’t know whether I wanted to cry from elation or cry in devastation because it was over. I never wanted Inbetween to end. It has been one of few books where I wanted to crawl between the pages and live in the story forever. I wanted to savor it and drown in all its greatness. The ending had everything I was looking for: hope, love, contentment and everything in between.

Overall, this book was a delight to read. It’s fun and light-hearted and completely spell-binding to the point of addictiveness. I loved every single thing about it! Inbetween is must-have and must-read book all the way!More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books