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Stolen Nights - Rebecca Maizel After reading Infinite Days and falling in love with what Rebecca Maizel first created, I was super excited to start Stolen Nights and get swept up with all the characters I love so much. Not even one chapter in, Maizel had me hooked faster than an addict. To be straightforward, Stolen Nights was way better than its predecessor and I loved every single moment of it.Stolen Nights picks up after a few days from the ending to Infinite Days with Lenah surviving the ritual she did on her former coven member, Vicken. She wants to start over with Justin, but instead trouble arises with another vampire threatening Lena’s life and an unexpected return from someone of her past. In this second novel, even more growth happens to Lenah’s character. The evil vampire that she used to be is no longer apparent, but left is a woman full of strength, courage and endless determination. While Lenah did have her times of self-doubt, selfishness and weaknesses, I believe she really overcame all the obstacles put in her way. She really realized, accepted, and faced the consequences of her actions from Infinite Days and chose to fix them and make things right. Though it pained me, Lenah’s decisions and sacrifices made her a better person, a better human being, and one amazing character. The lack of connection I felt with Lenah and Justin is now explained from reading Stolen Nights. That connection, chemistry, and emotions I wanted from them came in full force between Lenah and someone else. This character and Lenah made my skin tingle and my heart stop. The sexual tension between them was off the charts! I ached so much because I wanted them to be together more than anything. They were absolutely perfect for each other and because they couldn’t be together due certain circumstances this left me reeling and desperately wishing for a solution. Their love transcends time and place; it was something I felt to the very core of me. I loved the secondary characters so much more in this one. They really helped in shaping up Lenah’s character. Tracy, as much as I hated her in Infinite Days, I ended up warming up to her. She was totally different from the snobby girl I first met. I really liked how she stood out, stepped up and became a real friend to Lenah. Vicken was the best of them all. All the despair and danger of this book was really countered by Vicken’s humor. That boy made me smile and grin to no end. He could’ve eased the tension and the dark parts of this book from a mile away. I adored him so much.Even though I didn’t have to wait between both novels, the writing felt familiar, like coming home to a place I’ve missed so much. I love how there was no gap between book one and book two. Maizel’s writing flows just the same as the previous one, if not better. I love how it just goes straight into the action without hesitation. There’s so much more at stake in Stolen Nights; so much danger and death that really kept me engrossed and made my heart race. Everything I loved in Infinite Days was back, but Maizel gave so much more. More magic and elemental power was explored. There was even new parts in the book that I wanted to know more about like the Aeris and the Hollow Ones that were great additions to the story. I especially loved the mystery, revenge, and need for power in Odette’s character because her evil ways gave more excitement and rocked the unstable foundation of Lenah’s life. My most favorite part was all about the meaning of true love, soul mates and ultimate sacrifices that gave way for an ending that was bittersweet, heart-wrenching and one that left me in tears. Overall, Stolen Nights was everything and anything I hoped it would be. This book was more than just about vampires and magic, but of fixing mistakes, owning up to consequences, sacrificing one’s happiness for the greater good to keep the balance and of thinking about other’s before yourself. I loved this book so much, I can’t wait for the next one to come already!More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books