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The Maze Runner - James Dashner Summary: In The Maze Runner, Thomas wakes up in a darkened elevator type of machinery. He has no recollection of his past life besides his own name and he has no idea where the elevator is taking him up to. When he finally reaches the top and the doors open, he is surrounded by a bunch of other kids. Some younger and some older than him. The kids call themselves the Gladers who live in what they call The Glade. They are surrounded by an unsolvable, ever-changing Maze with scary, slimy beasts on the rampage.The Gladers expected Thomas to come but they did not expect the chain of events that occur after his arrival. The Gladers can't help but think Thomas' arrival was no coincidence to these events. And Thomas can't help feeling like he has answers to their freedom, if only he can access his memories. Nevertheless, The Gladers, including Thomas, are very much determined to solve the Maze so they can finally go home. If a home for them even exists.James Dashner does a perfect job at engaging a reader. He really sucks you into the story of The Maze Runner. Although this is my second time reading this book, Dasher's story hasn't failed at making me want to read it in one sitting. The pacing of the book is wonderful. There is never a boring moment and I never felt like things were going too slow. Each chapter is something different, something exciting happens that makes you want to keep turning the pages. Dashner's writing flows fairly well. The plot of the story is very intriguing. The book keeps the reader and the characters in the dark about their true identity and why the characters are stuck in the predicament that they are in. With each chapter, lit bits of parts become clear and I thank Dashner for doing this. You are not bombarded with all the information at the end of the book nor are you given information that takes too long to be revealed. The plot of the story eases you into the ways of Gladers. You get to know them fairly well and you just end up loving them like I did. Sometimes, you want to smack some characters, but I think that's normal. You learn the mystery of the Glade and the Maze along with the characters. Every chapter builds up to the exciting ending of the book, keeping you at the edge of your seat rooting for the Gladers. I found that the characters in the book are really unique. I love how Dashner gives them their own Glader slang. Many of the characters interactions will make you smile and laugh. My favorite character is Minho. I'm not quite sure why, I just find him the most likable among them all. I enjoyed being in the MC's head (Thomas), but I couldn't quite connect to him as much as I would like to. I love how each character has their own personality and it really shows in their interactions. They really have this bond that I thought worked well into the story. What would of really made this book is if we got to know a little bit more about some of the minor characters, not just the 4-5 of them. Like I said, Dashner does a great job of building up the story. In the end, you really start to understand what is going on and you just can't help wanting more. Not everything is revealed, therefore you are left with wanting to read the next book: The Scorch Trials. I also think the Epilogue of this book is a nice touch. I really love how that's added into the book as well. What I probably had most trouble with was visualizing the Maze. I had no trouble seeing the Glade. I could see that in my mind as clear as day. No matter how many times Thomas described the Maze, I just couldn't get that visual I needed. This made it difficult for me to see the last few chapters of the story. Even so, I still loved this book a second time around. It's definitely worth the read especially if you like dystopian (sci-fi?) novels. 3.5 out of 5 stars