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The Goddess Test - Aimee Carter I absolutely enjoyed and loved The Goddess Test! I thought it was fast-paced and more than an easy read. I love Greek mythology so much and Aimee Carter did not disappoint with the addition of it here. Everything that happened in the book was surprising and very entertaining. 

Kate’s mother is very sick and her last wish is to go back to her childhood home. Kate wants to make her mother happy and willingly moves despite having to start over again. This doesn’t trouble Kate much, but she’s afraid her mother won’t have much time left. She’s so afraid of losing her mother, so when she meets dark and mysterious Henry, she accepts his offer to be tested if it will keep her mother alive. Being the god of Underworld, Henry is looking for a queen and if Kate passes the tests, she’ll rule alongside Henry.Aimee Carter sucked me into the world of The Goddess Test almost instantly. From the summary, it sounded like a regular story of a girl fighting to keep her mother alive, but there’s so much more to it. The added Greek mythology is crazy good. I love how Aimee Carter took the myth of Hades and Persephone and made it her own. The twist is super creative and very clever. It’s impossible not to get swept up by the story. 

I loved Kate’s relationship with her mom. I was able to relate to her in this aspect and I loved how close they were. It made me long for such a closeness. But I admire Kate for her inner strength. I know how hard and scary it is to lose someone you love so deeply. I thought it was brave of her to take the tests to keep her mother alive; to be with her longer.I also loved Kate and Henry’s relationship. I loved how they slowly got to know each other throughout the tests. I loved how their relationship developed so beautifully. I thought it was really magical and sweet. They’re connection was very endearing. I love Henry and Kate together. They are both amazing characters. 

I thought Henry was deliciously handsome. I adored him from the start. He seemed dark and frightening at first, but he had such a wonderful personality. There’s so much more to him that just this powerful god of the Underworld. I loved how he really cared for Kate and did all he could do to help her. I really enjoyed that Aimee Carter made him this powerful being, but also made him seem human too.

The ending was probably my favorite part because I didn’t see it coming at all. It was so unexpected, but so amazing! I cannot wait until Goddess Interrupted comes out. I’m dying to get back into Kate and Henry’s world all over again. 

Overall, The Goddess Test was a wonderfully fun and highly gripping read. The story and mythology is original, different and oh so fascinating. The characters are interesting, well developed and very relatable. 

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