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The Iron King (Iron Fey Series #1)

The Iron King (Iron Fey Series #1) - Meghan Chase, our sweet and courageous protagonist.
 Smart and unselfish, this girl stumbles upon a world that has always been hidden from her. She takes this all in with stride to save her younger brother, Ethan, and comes out a stronger, more confidant and admirable character. When once she seemed weak, now it seems like she could do anything.Puck and Ash, the two that tore my heart in two and made it their own.
 Witty and playful vs. dark and brooding; These two characters are opposites, but when they are together they're magnificent. Both are handsome and both are alluring and both managed to make me fall for them uninhibitedly. I love Puck’s ability to make me laugh and Ash’s ability to make my heart flutter.Romance. And oh how lovely it is.
 The blooming and forbidden romance between Meghan and Ash is sweet and a breath of fresh air. I loved watching them fall in love and care for one another despite the feuds of their courts. It broke my heart to watch something that is so beautiful, but so fragile. Their love is doomed from the start and it’s obvious being together is not going to be easy, but being apart is even worse. The Neverever, how I wish you were real. 
 This is where Julie Kagawa excels at. She creates a world that is well developed from the sky to the ground to the creatures, their powers, the courts, and the food. The Nevernever is magical, surreal, frightening and intimidating, but fascinating and alluring. It truly is otherwordly. I love how vivid and descriptive Kagawa makes of the Nevernever. I could almost imagine being there, smelling the fresh woodsy air of the Wyldwoods, taste the sweet faery wine, and feel the power radiating off of ever corner. The Nevernever is a world that only exists in our dreams, but is alive and real in this story. Kagawa’s exceptional writing captivates.The Iron King is a fast-paced adventure. There’s a great climax and an even better resolution with more to come in the following books. Kagawa’s writing is flawlessly superb. It’s smooth, eye-catching and breath-taking. She’s capable of keeping the reader riveted and bringing out the high emotions of the characters and placing them with the reader in each moment. Overall, The Iron King is one enchanting read. It’s surely a book I could go back to time and time again. Julie Kagawa doesn’t just exceed expectations, but she delivers. More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books