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The Assassin's Curse - Cassandra Rose Clarke Nothing could have prepared me for what I read in The Assassin’s Curse. It’s not the type of book I would initially get, but one I was so happy to. And let me tell you, Cassandra Rose Clarke takes a story about a pirate and an assassin to a whole other level. Ananna - the pirate
 I loved this girl to bits. Ananna was such a tough main character. I didn’t think this girl had a weak bone in her body. She was daring and courageous, running off doing what she wanted to do even if she had no set plans. She wasn’t afraid to break a few rules. She knew what she wanted and she was determined to make it happen. Ananna was not necessarily fearless, but she was brave in the sense that she faced her fear head on. I loved that she stood her ground and she literally fought back. Ananna has many talents being a pirate, from pick-pocketing, to handling a sword and knife and to having the ability to survive by herself at such a young age. The best part of Ananna was humor she brought even during the serious and dangerous parts of the book.Naji- the assassin
 The man with an attractive, but scarred face and many secrets. I loved Naji in and out. With his aloof, but cunning demeanor, Naji was one puzzle that was not meant to be figured out. He doesn’t say much, but he’s strong and powerful. Not much is divulged about him, but that’s beauty of his personality. Everything that I did find out about him has allowed me to adore him even more. He’s not the type to trust so easily especially with all the death he’s seen in his lifetime. And lthough he was this dark and very intimidating man, he was still caring and protective. Naji knew the meaning of honor and loyalty and that made him much more admirable in my eyes. Even when Naji was cold, I found his expressions and the way he interacted with Ananna very endearing. The adventure, the world and action.
 The Assassin’s Curse was one big, entertaining journey. Ananna and Naji go off to look for a way to break this curse, meet new people along the way, and end up going to different places and encountering many threats and dangers along the way. From Lisirra to the desert to Port Iskassaya and to the Isles of the Sky, each place is vibrant and described with great clarity. The world that Clarke has built up in this book is amazing. There is definitely an Arabian feel to the setting with camels and busy markets that have vendors harassing you. There are horses and land-ships and boats filled with pirates and an island floating above the water that give it a slight twist. Clarke does an astounding job of taking the reader and placing them within this book. The Assassin’s Curse had a pace that was quick and fun. From the start, something exciting was happening and it continued to get more and more entertaining throughout the book. There’s plenty of action from physical fighting with swords and knives and even magic that uses blood and odd items for spells. It was fascinating and I loved all of it. With an unlikely duo working together against other pirates, assassins and stronger magical forces, Cassandra Rose Clarke creates one engaging novel. I’m anxiously awaiting for the next adventure Ananna and Naji will take me on.4.5/5 starsMore Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books