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Rule (Marked Men, #1) - Jay Crownover Holy wow! This book blew me the freak away! It had the perfect combination of humor, steamy intense romance, angst, and real love that I could not help but lovelovelove to death. I got a little bit of everything in this book. It was the perfect package of awesome I devoured in so little time with no sleep at all and it was worth every word, page, chapter, and tattoo inked on beloved, Rule Archer. 

And speaking of Rule Archer, I will admit right here and right now that this boy holds my heart in the palm of his snake inked hand. Rule was the type of guy who lived his life to the fullest with no regrets, no second thoughts on how others thought or cared. He was determined to be his own person and to do whatever he wanted with or without consequence. He may have been overconfident, a jerk most of the time, and a player all around, but Rule Archer had a big heart that was crowded by his own personal demons. Here, we get to see his walls slowly come down as he realizes his true worth. I loved everything about Rule, from his rude and bad attitude, to his unwavering loyalty to his friends. He wasn’t perfect that was for sure, but was full of life and personality and someone so willing to make up for past mistakes. He may have been sure of himself from the start, but he still wanted approval and acceptance. When Rule enters a room, you cannot help but stare. Rule Archer consumed me from the inside out. 

Shaw was rich and beautiful on the outside, but has always been lonely and felt like she couldn’t fit in anywhere until she was swept into the Archer household and became one of them. I loved Shaw for many reasons. She was independent, strong, didn’t take shit, she was extremely caring, sexy in a subtle way, but mostly because she saw Rule like no one else did. She knew his value, worth and the greatness within him and accepted him through and through. While Rule helped Shaw step out of her parents shadow, Shaw helped Rule know what love was and how to accept love. I loved how these two started off as barely friend-enemies, always tip-toeing around each other in hostility until they dive into this sexual, tense, all consuming relationship that took my breath away and made my heart explode. They had so much to learn about each other, and not only did I get to read all about their blossoming relationship, I got to feel it. 

This book wasn’t just about love and romance. There was so many aspects that made this book stand out and give it the oomph I’ve been looking for. There was some serious family problems that weren’t outrageous, but very realistic. My favorite was the friendships in this book. The bonds were strong and loyal and refreshing to read after many books about backstabbing friends. This book definitely highlighted what true friendship really is. There was also a part in this book that totally took me by surprise and it was a really great twist because it had my heart beating so fast! 

Jay Crownover really knows how to set a delicious pace and tell one amazing story with Rule and Shaw at the front and center. It was such a thrill to see how intertwined these two were despite their differences and disagreements and I loved how everything unfolded. Crownover definitely knew how to bring in the wit, the conflict and drama at the perfect parts and all the steamy sexy scenes that made me ache in all the right places. I enjoyed her writing and the overall story so much. The whole book was one big explosive addiction I could not get enough of! Whatever Crownover has next, I’m definitely picking it up without a second thought!More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books