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Tempting the Best Man  - J. Lynn I loved every word, sentence, and page of Tempting the Best Man! I rarely read adult novels, but this one was definitely memorable and so mind blowingly amazing! I have never laughed and swooned and squealed so much while reading a book. More so, I felt the built up anticipation and tension within this book between Maddie and Chase.J. Lynn (Jennifer L. Armentrout) has such a way with words and with her overall writing style. She just completely consumed me into her books through and through. Tempting the Best Man was no exception. I was hooked from the start and I knew nothing in this world could have stopped me from devouring this book until the very last page. She kept me riveted, enticed, enthralled, allured and ultimately kept me wanting more the moment I read the last word. This book was nothing but absolute brilliance in my eyes and I expected nothing less from JLA. She’s just amazing.Maddie was a wonderful character. I enjoyed getting to know her and seeing how much energy and spunk she had along with this fierce attitude she had to match. She was independent and smart while also being funny and quirky. I connected with her immediately. Chase was definitely my favorite character. He was all kinds of sexy, but he was cool and witty and completely charming to the core. He was certainly mouth-wateringly hot and oozing with confidence like no other. I love his snarky comebacks and the relationship he had with Maddie. He was very protective of her and I saw how much he cared for her deeply. I also loved how he was kind and gentle. He showed this sweet and tender side of him that I seriously could not get enough of and probably never will. 

The relationship between Maddie and Chase was an intense and exuberant one. When each of them showed up on page, something sparked and everything became a lot brighter, but at the same time, tension became increasingly palpable. Their chemistry was just extraordinary; they fit so well together! The way they were around each other had me pulling my hair in frustration, but also kept me at the edge of my seat with immense anticipation. They were like magnets. At times, they were never close enough to connect, but when they were, it was so difficult to break them apart and I loved that about them. I just never knew what Maddie and Chase were going to do and I enjoyed having that thrill and excitement throughout the book. I also loved the obvious adoration they had for one another, although it didn’t seem evident to either one of them. I really did believe they were perfect for one another. 
The sexy scenes between the two were heart-stopping and so completely hot hot hot. JLA sure knows how to write such a vivid scene that I was able to vision it in my mind with no problem. These scenes were beautifully written, descriptive but never offensively graphic. It was the perfect combination of love, passion and lust.I was so happy to see that Tempting the Best Man was a split into Maddie and Chase’s POV. I loved being able to get into the minds of both characters and see how each affected the other through their eyes. It was refreshing and wonderful to no extent. It made the story much more intense to see both sides. For me, not many authors due a dual POV well, but here, JLA definitely does it with perfection. She brought the right amount of Maddie and Chase, balancing both characters throughout the book as a whole. 
Overall, Tempting the Best Man was seductively hot, highly addictive, and very heart-felt. It’s got fun and humorous moments that will surely evoke bucket loads of laughter. There is no denying how magnificent this book really is and there’s no denying how much I absolutely loved it to bits. 

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